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Monday, January 16th

The latest text message

Got a text message that woke me up from my dream this morning. big grin I think it was around 5:45AM local. I know, sometime this time difference causes some confusion. I also called someone on the other side of the world at a wrong time occasionally.

The text message told me that Lukas has made a big progress with his health condition. He could breath normally when they closed the breathing tube. They expected him to recover soon. I'm glad to hear that.
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Sunday, December 25th

An email from Singapore

Dear Pak Aris,

Merry Christmas to you too.

Lukas is back in Waingapu this morning.
He left Singapore on 23/12 to Surabaya and left for Waingapu this morning 25/12. He is presently giving testimony in the Church in Matawai.


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Saturday, December 24th

Christmas Greeting from Waingapu

Got a Christmas Greeting SMS from Waingapu. I even didn't recognize the phone number. It turned out that it was from Syarifah, the young reporter who first exposed about Lukas in my old hometown newspaper Pos Kupang.

I then called her and it turned out that Lukas is not home yet. I will check with Dr. Maria Tan and will post any info I get.

Merry Christmas....

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Friday, December 23rd

Waiting for a good news from Waingapu....

Lukas is supposed to be home by now. I will find out later if he is already home tonight (local U.S.). Personally I really appreciate the hardwork of the Singaporean teams to make Lukas family's dream come true and make this Christmas a very special Christmas for them. I just wish a Merry Christmas to y'all.

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Friday, December 16th

It's all over the news now

I googled the title of our last entry: "Singaporean doctors remove giant tumor from Indonesian boy" and got the following list this morning. It was carried by the AFP.

Yahoo picked it up and it was on their news too. Please click here to see it.

Again, I don't know why they cited Lukas last name as Wahangara. A Sumbanese name should be Wohangara not Wahangara. But what is in a name? At least now, based on the good work of the Singaporean teams, he is tumor free and I'm very happy about that too.

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Wednesday, December 14th

Singapore doctors remove giant tumor from Indonesian boy

Thanks to Hein van den Engh from Bergen op Zoom, Netherland, who forwarded this message. Don't know why the Jakarta Post used Wahangara as Lukas' family name instead of MBIRA. But thanks God, and thanks to the Singaporean teams as well as all the contributors here in Huntsville and Dallas. It's over now and Lukas is going to have a very different Christmas this year.


---- quote ----


Singapore doctors remove giant tumor from Indonesian boy

SINGAPORE (AFP): Singapore doctors have successfully removed a 2-kilogram tumor from an Indonesian boy's neck and chest, a member of the surgical team said Wednesday.

Lukas Wahangara, who turned 13 Wednesday, is recuperating well after the rare operation to remove the thyroid tumor measuring 20 centimeters (eight inches) in diameter, almost as big as an adult human's head.

"He is doing very well and started speaking yesterday," said Goh Yau Hong, one of six surgeons who carried out the 10-hour operation on Nov. 28 at the private Mount Elizabeth Hospital in downtown Singapore.

Details of the operation were made public Wednesday in the Singapore media.

The operation cost more than 20,000 Singapore dollars (US$11,900) and was fully paid for by donations raised by a church here, the surgeon told AFP.

Goh chanced upon Wahangara in the island of Sumba in May during one of his charity trips to Indonesia. The grossly undersized boy was standing outside an ill-equipped hospital hoping for some help.

Wahangara was having difficulty breathing and sleeping because of the tumor, Goh said, but the boy is now ready to go back to Indonesia next week. (**)

---- end quote ----

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Monday, December 12th

New Pictures from Singapore

Thanks to the hardwork of Singaporean teams, Lukas is finally ready to go home on December 23, and enjoying a different Christmas due to the magic touch of Dr. Goh and his team.

I received the pictures from Mr. Tek Houw Tan this morning, and haven't had a chance to translate the email yet. However, I decide to upload all the pictures to share with you all the joy seeing Lukas smiling. Many thanks to Dr. Maria Tan and their local team and Dr. Goh for his medical team.

God Bless you all.

Lukas and Doctors (21k image)

....please click on [more] to see the rest of the pictures.

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