Lee was: the Supplicant  ? 
Answered on: 13 Apr 2005

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> Great and wondrous Oracle, whose toenail clippings I would gladly
> ingest to obtain enlightenment, please answer my question.  How much
> seer could a seersucker suck if a seersucker did suck seer?  (Or is
> that too personal?)

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Generally, the Oracle frowns upon those queries even remotely
} resembling the Forbidden Question, but as I've just had a rather
} delicious slice of strawberry cheesecake and am in an unusually
} benevolent mood, I'll let this one pass.
} The answer to your question (which doesn't make very much sense,
} incidentally, not that that matters to the omniscient Oracle, to
} whom sense is not so much a rule as a guideline, or even a mere
} suggestion, and who can answer even the most nonsensical of
} inquiries accurately to within a millionth of a percentage point,
} and who is capable of responding to the most straightforward query
} with a reply so preposterous as to be visible from the surface of
} the moon, unlike the Great Wall of China) is about one eighth of the
} surface area.
} I hope that satisfies your curiosity, and in future, steer clear of
} questions taking the form "how much X would an X-Yer Y if an X-Yer
} could X Y", unless you enjoy answers of the form "****Z****", where
} Z = "ZOT!".
} You owe the Oracle a toothless budgerigar.

Notes: I was still relatively new to the Internet Oracle when I first wrote this. I thought I was so clever. Then I read Oracularity #338-04. You'll be glad to know I've now sworn off such things. However, before I did so, I had asked it twice. The other response was:

} I'll seer your sucker and raise you.

which I've since learned is a form of a tired, old response on rec.humor.oracle.d.