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Answered on: 15 Apr 2005

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> Oh Oracle who has more wisdom in your little finger than I do in my
> whole extended family,
> My uncle has been hospitalized on 3 occasions for attempting to abuse
> marijuana while huffing propane.  He says this is a cheap way to get
> high.  How can I presuade him that it is so only if one considers the
> phrase "getting high" in a purely ballistic sense?
And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} It sounds like he's already burned out whatever few neurons he had
} dedicated to personal safety, so it may be an impossible task.  But
} don't be sad.  Let's take a look at . . .
}     --------------------------------------------------------------
} 10.  Offer his services to a local propane company to verify returned
}      tanks are empty.
}  9.  Buy some late night airtime for an infomercial on his great new
}      hair styling product.  That dark, straight back, and crispy look
}      is *so* in this year.
}  8.  Join the circus and become performer.  He can be both the
}      firebreather and the human cannonball . . . simultaneously!
}  7.  Send the video in to America's Funniest Home Videos and win.
}  6.  Try founding a new 12-step program called Grass Grillers
}      Anonymous.
}  5.  Get a job as stunt double for the Cheech & Chong reunion movie.
}  4.  Go on Jerry Springer and bask in his 15 minutes of fame.
}  3.  Move to Paris, find a patron with more money than they know what
}      to do with, and become a "performance artist."
}  2.  Submit it as part of his portfolio for the job of Fear Factor
}      writer.
}  1.  Become a spokesman for a leading asbestos underwear manufacturer.
}     ("They're not just for Usenet any more!")

Notes: Again, when you can't think of a clever response, go with a top ten list. Unfortunately, I had problems thinking of ten distinct things. (And, as you might could tell, lots of TV-themed answers seemed to be coming to me.) Number one started out as #9, but I decided it was my best line. Reversely, #8 had started out as my #1.

To tell the truth, a great question like this probably deserved a better answer. I hope the supplicant resubmitted it.