Lee was: the Incarnation  ! 
Answered on: 27 Oct 2003

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Hmm?  Oh, you mean Hugin and Munin here?  Well you see, it's Odin and
} Thor's centennial father-son fishing trip and Odin asked me to take
} care of them while he's gone.  And believe me, supplicant, you
} haven't truly heard a fish story until you've listened to Odin and
} Thor talk about their most recent trip after a few tankards of mead.
} But I digress.
} If you thought your great aunt Irma was a gossip, trust me, she's got
} nothing on these two.  (Hugin and Munin, not Odin and Thor.)  Every
} morning they go out and every evening they come back, perch on my
} shoulders, and whisper about who's gotten a nose job today, or who's
} fooling around with whom, or who should really come out of the closet
} since everyone knows already.  I tell you, it's worse than the
} National Enquirer and all the daytime talk shows combined!  I can see
} why Odin needed some time away.
} You owe the Oracle two raven-sized muzzles.

Notes: I had no idea what the question referred to, so I had to wing it. (Ouch, bad pun.) I've since been informed by a man named Phil that it's the opening line from a song by the Carpenters entitled "Close to You". I've heard the song before, but didn't recognize the line out of context.