Lee was: the Supplicant  ? 
Answered on: 13 Aug 2003

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

> O wisest Oracle, whose virtual presence I am not fit to be in, whose
> knowledge knows no bounds and whose ZOTs zot most completely, whose
> merest fleeting thought is more profound that all of Buddah's
> teachings, whose belly button lint is more wondrous than entire
> galaxies, and from whom supplicants can learn more in a single e-mail
> than by reading the entire writings of the great Greek
> philosophers . . . can you lend me 10 bucks?
And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} Come now, supplicant.  If you're going to grovel, get it right:
} - Being omniscient, my knowledge does know bounds.  It just doesn't obey
} them.
} - It's "Buddha," not "Buddah."
} - Being perfect, my navel is lint free, thank you very much.
} - Greek philosophers wrote in Greek, so you wouldn't have a clue what
} they were saying anyway.
} And after all that, you STILL want to mooch ten bucks off of me?
} *Sighs*  Oh, very well.  You can pick them up from the woods behind my
} ranch.
} You owe the Oracle a paperweight that says "The Buck Stops Here."

Notes: "Buddah." Oops!