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SpaceKnights #3 Annotations
by Lee K. Seitz
Version 1.0 - 12 Oct 2000

Copyright 2000 Lee K. Seitz
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*** Spoilers ho! ***

All character listings are from left to right, top to bottom unless
otherwise indicated.  Characters listed as [unknown] will be filled
in as soon as the needed issue is released.  Identities of characters
listed as [?] are uncertain.  (Help is welcome.)  For brevity, all
members of the new generation of Spaceknights are *not* designated
with their appropriate Roman numeral.

A Guide to Spaceknights' Real Names:
Firefall       Tarn
Hammerhand     Bron
Javelin        Darin
Liberator      Tristan
Lightningbolt  Rand
Pulsar         Lan
Scanner        Rhanla
Sentry         Val
Starshine      Anarra
Terminator     Balin
Vanium         [Unknown]


Page 1:  The Spaceknights undergoing "treatment" are Pulsar,
Starshine, and Vanium (his first appearance).

Page 2, panel 4:  Tristan's right, these Wraiths are like none ever
seen before.

Page 2, panel 4:  "The ebon dimension" is a previously unused name for
Limbo, the timeless realm to which the Dire Wraiths were banished.

Page 2, panel 5:  Tristan's visions are no longer causing him physical
pain as many of them did in the previous issue.  (See also page 5,
panel 4.)

Page 5, panel 1:  Tristan's mother, Brandy, occupied the original
Starshine's armor after Starshine's death, *not* Scanner's.  (Bad
editor; no cookie!)  I have not yet done any research, but do not
immediately recall her having much in the way of psychic abilities
during that time.  Saying she surrendered her knighthood to become
mistress of the realm isn't exactly right.  She was forcibly removed
from it by Rom's old foe, Hybrid.  She was not pleased about it at

Page 5, panel 4:  This is a Deathwing.  Deathwings were powerful
creatures of dark energy spawned in the black sun of the Dire Wraith's
Dark Nebula home.  In ROM, Deathwings appeared only as black,
pterodactyl-shaped forms with red eye.  The green effects are
completely new.

Page 6, panel 1:  We cannot tell if the Trion destroyers are actually
manned by duped Trions or if they were commandeered by the Dire

Page 6, panel 3:  For those coming in late, the two flying
Spaceknights are Javelin and Scanner.  On the ground we have
Starshine, Firefall, Hammerhand, Pulsar, and Terminator.  Liberator
and Sentry look on in their human forms.

Page 6, panel 3:  We finally get to see the javelin weapon for which
the Spaceknight Javelin is named.

Page 7, panel 4:  The Spaceknights killed in this and all subsequent
panels are previously unseen.  (In two ways.  First, we haven't seen
them previously.  Second, they seem to appear out of nowhere just so
they can be killed.)

Page 8, panel 1:  Again, this generation of Spaceknights has the power
to summon their entire armor from sub-space.

Page 8, panel 5:  It appears Sentry possesses the power to summon
several archaic-type weapons.  This is the first time we've seen him
use a bow and (energy?) arrows.

Page 13, panel 2:  And here Sentry is summoning yet another new
weapon, a battle axe.

Page 14, panel 2:  It appears Terminator does indeed share the power
of force eyebeams with his predecessor.

Page 18, panel 2:  The Deathwings were all believed destroyed with the
Dark Nebula's black sun when Rom disrupted the Worldmerge spell in ROM

Page 20, panel 1:  This is the first time Vanium's name has been
mentioned.  There are no known predecessors with his name or powers.

Page 21, panel 1:  Rom did indeed kill the queen Deathwing during the
Dire Wraiths original assault on Galador 200 years ago.  It was first
mentioned way back in "The Legend of the Spaceknights" in ROM #1.

Page 21, panel 1:  By the way, what happened to Terminator?  He seems
to have disappeared for the rest of the issue.

Page 21, panel 2:  The original Firefall, Karas, used what was called
the Living Flame of Galador (not plasmafire).  He was captured and
tortured as the Dire Wraiths tried to figure out how his armor
worked, but it did not last for 200 years.  After an unspecified
amount of time, Karas used his powers to send himself to Limbo, where
Rom later encountered him in ROM #19.  Apparently, sometime during
the rebuilding of Galador, Karas was somehow retrieved from Limbo and
now somehow shares his existence with Tarn.  Note that what Karas sent
to Limbo was only a portion of his humanity, if even that.  (It may
have only been his conciousness he managed to send.)  The rest was
cryogenically stored on Galador and destroyed along with the rest of
the Spaceknights' in ROM #75.  Sending only his conciousness might
explain why he would now share his existence with Tarn rather than
being restored as the other Spaceknights were.  (See annotations for
#2, page 5, panel 1.)

Page 22, panel 1:  Don't ask me where the portal is.  I don't see one
either.  Off-panel, I guess.

-- END --

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