What's Old

30 Dec 2008: Rush M. brought the Free Rom the Spaceknight Petition to my attention, asking Hasbro to hand the rights to Rom over to Marvel. Go sign it if you're so inclined. (Which you probably are if you're reading this.)

18 Nov 2008: The big news is that Hasbro has filed new trademarks for both "Rom" and "Rom the Spaceknight." What this means we can only speculate for now. Look for a lengthier article on this in the Rom Blog in a day or two. Thanks to ThyTwoThou for pointing it out from The Allspark Forums.

In other news, in addition to Back Issue #32 (mentioned previously), January will also see the release of another magazine with a feature article on Rom. According to Previews, ToyFare #139 will have an article on Rom in both toys and comics. Thanks to ~P~ for the tip.

15 Oct 2008: Sometimes I have items that are really too long for the What's New section, but it's too much trouble to put up a whole new page on the site for them as well. Therefore, I proudly announce the Rom Blog. Actually, it's my personal blog, but this link, which you'll also now find on all pages on the site, will link to only the Rom-related posts to it. And the first one is a doozy! We came really close to seeing a new Rom series this year, but it was not to be. Now don't expect new Rom blog posts frequently, but feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed so you don't miss them when they do happen.

[Skrulls! cover] 28 Jul 2008: There are currently two publications on the stands Rom fans might want to pick up. First, ToyFare #133 (September 2008), features a story in honor of Marvel's Secret Invasion event: "We Come in Peace: The 50 Greatest Alien Invasions of All Time," in which the Dire Wraiths place at #16. Second, Marvel has released a OHOTMU-like book titled Skrulls!. Written as if it was a Skrull intelligence report, it also features an entry on the Dire Wraiths. When looking for this one, note that "Secret Invasion" is what's at the top of the cover, so it's what you see on the racks. (See cover at right.) "Skrulls!" is at the bottom. Look for the "one-shot" box at the top left to help identify it. Both books have been added to the Checklist.

16 Jul 2008: Two bits of news this time around. First, back in 2005, Rom #73 appeared on a coffee table in an episode of My Name Is Earl. Details can be found on the Other Media page. Thanks to Lloyd Burr for the tip and graphic. Second, Back Issue #32, coming out in January 2009, will feature articles on both Rom and Bill Mantlo. Thanks to PTOR for the tip and link.

19 Dec 2007: There just weren't enough Rom/Mantlo fans at the Spacenite Mantlo Tribute to raise the desired funds in the silent auction, so Floating World Comics has taken the auctions to eBay. At the time of this writing, there are 34 auctions under the eBay ID, floatingworldcomics. This includes art by Walt Simonson, Fred Hembeck, Jeff Parker, and many others. There are also two, one-of-a-kind Rom T-shirts and a Thor drawing by Simonson. You can see larger views of several items at the Floating World Comics web site. The auctions end December 28th. Please bid and help support Bill Mantlo's care.

1 Dec 2007: If you're a Rom fan and you live anywhere near Portland, Oregon, you need to get to Floating World Comics in the next month! This Thursday they start, Spacenight - A Tribute to Bill Mantlo, an exhibit featuring over 100 artists' interpretations of Rom, including original Rom artist Sal Buscema! All proceeds from the show go to Bill Mantlo's care.

Also, in RSR news, the Comic section has finally been revamped so now the whole site should match. The Checklist has been given a complete overhaul, plus some updates with many more to come.

10 Nov 2007: Fred Hembeck's blog (November 9, 2007 entry) poses the question of identifying a heroine from Rom #65 who's not in costume. If you'd like to help solve the mystery, come participate in the thread at the Marvel Chronology Project forums. Update: Paul Bourcier points out that Marvel's own Official Marvel Index to the X-Men (vol. 2, #4) confirms that it's Shadowcat.

1 Nov 2007: Rom made cameos in last night's South Park episode, "Imaginationland Episode III." Two of them – I don't know how many there were – can be seen in the first two clips currently available on the South Park web site. Please note that South Park is not a show for the easily offended. Thanks to Kenny Doug of the Galador Yahoo! Group for pointing it out.

22 Sep 2007: There's two updates to the Other Media page. First, I finally found the pinball machine with a Rom-inspired robot on it. It's called Gamatron (not Galvaton, as previously listed). Also Gary Martin, Jr. provides another example of a Rom comic in film, this time from The Lost Boys.

25 Jun 2007: There are two books that arrived in comic shops last week of interest to Rom fans. First, is Marvel's Annihilation Conquest Prologue, a one-shot that kicks off the sequel to last year's Annihilation event and features the Spaceknights of the 2000 limited series. The other is Mantlo: A Life in Comics, a $7.50 biography of the writer behind Rom. Proceeds of this book go help pay for Bill's care.

19 Mar 2007: I received a note from Charles "Chip" Wallace saying he's selling his share of the original artwork from the Spaceknights series on eBay. You can find it via this search or his eBay user id which is charleswallaceart. As of 5:00 p.m. CDT, the auctions have five days left.

5 Feb 2007: Well Annihilation #6 is out and it turns out the third generation Spaceknights really aren't in it. They are limited to a cameo with Nova wondering if they survived the events of the issue or not.

27 Dec 2006: It's been rumored for a while, but there is now proof that the third generation Spaceknights (from the 2000 limited series) will be appearing in Annihilation #5 and #6. Go to Mile High Comics for a preview of #5 , which should be in shops tomorrow. Thanks to P-TOR and Avia for the information.

10 Nov 2006: Marvel wasn't kidding when it said Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook (released this week) was going to have a Spaceknights entry. And all but about 1/2-page is text. In essence, it summarizes the entire Rom series. Because it's a Spaceknights entry and not a Rom entry, Rom himself is de-emphasized a bit, but he's by no means absent. Well, okay, for obvious licensing reasons, he is not pictured, but that's his only absence.

There's a couple interesting things to note in the entry. First, it places the events of Rom Annual #2, featuring the Spaceknight Squadron, after all the "Saga of the Spacknights" stories. I'll have to do some research on this. Second, it says Rainbow was killed by Terax, whereas the previous versions of the Handbook did not. (This is by ommitting the fact she was deceased, though, not explicitly saying she survived.) Third, it says Tyreseus (of Rom Annual #4) called himself Pulsar, then Liberator. I'll have to look that one up.

25 Oct 2006: All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #10, which contains a one-page entry for the Spaceknights of the 2000 limited series is out. In addition, the recently released Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange features a story where the Impossible Man visits the Marvel Bullpen. Joe Quesada is shown pitching ideas to Brian K. Vaughn on the phone, one of which is a "six-issue mini--Rom, Space Knight." (Thanks to Anthony Malena for the tip.) And if you missed All-New OHOTMU A-Z #9, it featured a Saurians entry, including mention of Serpentyne from Rom #8.

3 Oct 2006: Thanks to Daniel B. Hughes who not only made me aware of Rom's appearance on Robot Chicken on October 1st, but also uploaded the clip to YouTube, which has since been removed. I'll attempt to keep the Other Media page up to date with a link to view it.

27 Sep 2006: Steve Berry was kind enough to provide a scan of the one-page comic that came with the U.K. version of the Rom action figure. You can find it on a new page for the U.K. figure.

27 Aug 2006: Marvel's solicitations for November mention that the Spaceknights will be getting an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1980's Handbook. Presumably it will be longer than the entries that actually appeared in OHOTMU in the '80s. Also, the pseudo-Secret Wars sequel, Beyond, will spend its fifth of six issues in Limbo. It seems unlikely any Dire Wraiths will be seen, but if they are you will read about it here.

19 Jul 2006: This week's solicitations for Marvel in October mention that the Spaceknights (presumably from the limited series) will get an entry in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #10.

2 Jun 2006: Big Hybrid news! He has an entry in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #5, which was released this week. In minor Hybrid news, the two-page spread he appeared in from New Avengers #18 has been reprinted in the recap page at the beginning of New Avengers #19. I spotted no further references to him in a brief glance at the comic in the shop. Also recently released is The Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition, volume 2. This black and white book reprints Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe -- Deluxe Edition #11, including Rom's three-page entry.

30 May 2006: A few people have e-mailed me about Hybrid, so apparently I need to give more detail about his recent cameo. He was depowered as a result of the events in House of M in which the Scarlet Witch depowered the majority of Earth's mutants. Those powers apparently could not be destroyed, so they now all reside in a single individual named Michael. I knew most of this but didn't feel like explaining it all to people not keeping up with current events in the Marvel Universe. It appears my explanation was too vague, however, to those that are.

17 May 2006: I was informed by Stanley Lui and Kenny Hobbs that Hybrid has a cameo in New Avengers #18. He appears on a computer screen on the fourth-to-last story page. (Or the left page of the second-to-last two-page spread.) It implies he might have been active recently, but lost his powers to the issue's villain.

16 May 2006: Jerry Whitworth on the Galador mailing list pointed out a press release about Mantlo: A Life in Comics, a forthcoming biography of Bill Mantlo by David Yurkovich. All proceeds will go to Bill's guardian to provide for his continuing care. I'll give more info when it becomes available.

5 Apr 2006: Sean Koury sent me the following e-mail today:

And just in case you didn't know, the Spaceknights will be appearing in the upcoming Annihilation event from Marvel. The editor told me they won't be in it very long though. Sounded kind of ominous to me. :)

It sounds ominous to me, too, and will make it difficult for Rom fans to deny that Spaceknights is canon.

28 Feb 2006: Thanks to Gary Martin, Jr. and Chris Lindberg, we have an example of Rom appearing in Explorers and another Robocop sighting in the Other Media section.

22 Feb 2006: A few people have e-mailed me about Bing McCoy's venture into licensing the rights to Rom. The truth is I already know because McCoy gave me a heads up. I had thought this was confidential information at the moment, but apparently not. I believe it was his early meetings that spawned the spate of rumors about someone bringing Rom back to comic books at the end of 2005. McCoy actually intends to develop "an animated series based on ROM." According to him, the current status is, "some more legal-ease to go with Hasbro/Parker Bros. and then we're ready to go." A web site is coming and you can bet you'll see the news here as soon as it launches!

14 Jan 2006: I've really got the bug for getting this done, apparently. The Enemies section has now been upgraded. That only leaves the Comic Book and Spaceknights LS sections to go. Unfortunately, the former is large and in need of much updating.

8 Jan 2006: Wow, another section down. Friends has now been updated to the new look and a couple minor changes. But don't expect this pace to keep up.

7 Jan 2006: First, as you can see, I've added an RSS feed. This will allow you to get site news without having to come visit. Not that you're not welcome, but I figured updates were so few and far between, this might be useful to some of you.

Also, quite a while ago I lost e-mail concerning Rom comic book appearances in Robocop and Unbreakable and couldn't remember who sent them. Well it turns out it was Gary Martin, Jr. and he not only e-mailed to remind me, he sent photos! This has finally prompted me to update the Other Media section. Those with incredibly keen eyes for detail will also discover I added Cindy Adams stats to the Marvel Super Heroes RPG page. Two sections down, four to go.

30 Jul 2005: Finally got around to upgrading (most of) another section to the new look. Check out the Action Figure section. In particular, notice the new main page. The previous description of the action figure has been moved to a sub-page. Oh, and I now have an interview with Bing McCoy, creator of the action figure online! There's also a new page with notes on the 1979 promotional video you can find on Mr. McCoy's site. My belated 25th anniversary present to Rom!

19 Jul 2005: Ever wonder who was the man behind the creation of the Rom action figure? Well, he actually contacted me after seeing this page! His name is Lawrence "Bing" McCoy and his resume includes creating Electronic Battleship and the Starbird. He's currently with Stone Foundation Entertainment, who have a page to celebrate Rom's 25th anniversary (which you can also now find on the links page).

3 Feb 2005: Oops. When upgrading the Links page, I was working from an older copy of the page resulting in many links disappearing. They have now been restored. I've also added a link to Alteron's Gallery. See the Rom statue he made, third row down towards the right. Click the photo for more views.

8 Nov 2004: Another site upgrade. This site will make extensive use of style sheets, while hopefully still looking okay in older browsers. I've given up trying to update the entire site at once. Instead, you will see incremental upgrades from now on. The quickest thing to notice will be the use of an RSR logo in the corner rather than the Marvel corner box. (You can always look at the "last updated" date too, of course.)

28 Jun 2004:

"I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
     -- Douglas Adams

Yes, I'm still alive. No, I haven't gotten anywhere on the site overhaul lately. I decided to redo one of my smaller sites first. I learned a lot in the process and now I feel the need to redo some of the overhaul I'd already finished. Argh!

I do have a permanent job once again. Unfortunately, it promises to take a lot of my time and the rest of my time has many family commitments. So when's the site going to get redone? I don't know.

In the meantime, please consider joining the Galador group at Yahoo! Groups. It's a new group for discussing anything you'd read about here. Best of all, someone else created it so I don't have to deal with it. 8) I do intend to participate, but do not want to dominate, so please try it out.

12 Jun 2003: Notice: Due to my own procrastination, I lost almost all incoming e-mail that I hadn't responded to dating from sometime in 2001 to Feb 2003. If you sent something and I didn't respond, I apologize. I'm pretty much caught up now (which is the one good thing to come of it), so if you happen to still have a copy, please resend it.

Amongst the things I know I lost are information on some international printings and Rom's cameos in Robocop and Unbreakable. There's probably more I'm not remembering.

18 Apr 2003: Whatever happened to the site, you're wondering? Well, I started a mild revamp of it a year or so ago. I wanted to save all updates until after I finished. Then I was laid off from my job and still haven't found permanent employment, so I'm afraid I've had more important things to do.

I do want to pass along one thing, though. Ceoia has created a site called "Rom & Me" (www.romandme.org). It features some stories and impressive Rom sculptures. Check it out. In the meantime, I hope to find time to finish the RSR update by the end of the year. (I know that's a long time, but I don't want to be unrealistic, given my past history on projects like this.)

27 Jun 2001: "Ghost Rider" sent me an image of Rom's cameo in the Silver Surfer cartoon three years ago. You can find it on the Other Media page. Big thanks to him! Second, I added a few more issues of Forces in Combat that I acquired to the English Printings page. Thirdly, just so you know, some Dire Wraiths appeared in Universe X #10 last month. Your local comic shop may still have a copy. Lastly, many, many thanks to the person that provided me with a mint in the box Rom action figure!!! Whenever I unbury my scanner, I'll add some pictures. (Same goes for the deptartment store catalogs I mentioned last time.)

28 Apr 2001: Andrew Karl Seitz was born Thursday morning, so don't expect any updates for a few weeks. Mom & son are doing fine. I have copies of the 1979 Sears and 1980 Montgomery Wards Christmas catalogs. I'll eventually scan the Rom ads from them. It seems his price dropped from $20 to $10 that first year. Also, I now own a Neutralizer for my Rom action figure thanks to eBay!

3 Apr 2001: I did a search for Rom and Spaceknight on Google. I was disappointed to not see my site listed, but found several others I hadn't seen before. I won't list them all here, but look for additions on the Links page. I also came across an indirect reference to this site at Wizard World.

23 Mar 2001: I came across Future Tense #36 on eBay today. This let me add a very small amount of further information on the English editions or Rom.

8 Mar 2001: First, the bad news. Due to the impending birth of our second child, this will probably be the last update to this site for a while. (Unless I find time to scan the Rom action figure portion from the 1980 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog I recently won on eBay.) I have decided to forego reviewing Spaceknights #4 & #5. I do plan to still (one day) annotate them. Also, I'm afraid the message board provider is ending their service, so I'll have to find a new provider. And to add further insult, NetMind has decided to charge several hundred dollars for the privilege of including their form on web pages. Apparently you will be able to continue to use their service for free, but if you subscribed via this page (instead of adding the link to your account via their site), you will no longer get notices about site updates. Needless to say, I've removed the form from this page.

Now the good news. I've added some information on international versions of Rom beyond the French one. I've also completed the Spaceknights chronologies. Thirdly, I added a picture of Archie Stryker as Firefall to the Supporting Cast and First Generation Spaceknights pages. Fourthly, I hastily created a couple Link Graphics if you want some to do a link here. Finally, Chip Wallace contacted me about his new web site, at which you can buy signed copies of Spaceknights #1 & #2 and a print. The link has been added to the Links page.

9 Jan 2001: Geez, I just don't have the free time I used to. Sorry for no reviews or annotations on Spaceknights #4 & #5. Hopefully I can get to it before the end of the month, although I may just skip the reviews at this point. Meanwhile, I discovered some quick reviews of each issue over at ign sci-fi.

15 Dec 2000: Still haven't gotten my old files restored or the new computer set up. The holidays interfere too much. Anyway, here's a summary of Diamond's top 300 for November. Spaceknights #4 was #141, between Tales of the Darkness #1/2 and Hourman #23. Looking only at Marvel books, Before The Fantastic 4: The Storms #3 was ahead of it at 137 and only X-Men Universe #15 was behind it at 244.

4 Dec 2000: Sigh. In addition to changing jobs, my hard disk at home died over the Thanksgiving holiday. We've decided to just go ahead and buy a whole new computer, which theoretically arrives tomorrow. Expect it to be a while longer before any major updates, I'm afraid.

In other news, there's good news and bad news over in Universe X. The good news (depending on your point of view) is that it looks like Rom completists won't have to buy the whole series to see what happens to Rom's Neutralizer. The bad news, well, let's just say the bad news is the reason for the good news. Take a peek on your next trip to the comic shop.

15 Nov 2000: Just a note to let you know that the review and annotations for Spaceknights #4 have been delayed while I quit my job to take another. And please, no one else submit Marvel Age #4 for the Checklist. Two people submitted it within days of each other. I'll add it soon.

31 Oct 2000: If you're a Rom fan and didn't buy Universe X #3 last week, go find a copy now! It's even more closely related to Rom than I thought. I've added a entire page on it, plus it's Checklist and Cameos listings.

I got the top 300 comics for October in pre-order sales last week. Spaceknights #3 was #131, between Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles and Untold Tales of Lady Death #1. For Marvel books, it was behind Maximum Security: Thor vs. Ego (a reprint book) at 124 and Spider-Girl Presents Darkdevil #2 at 121 and only ahead of the X-Men and Avengers Universe reprint books (276 and 285, respectively). On the bright side, it's ahead of all sorts of DC books.

20 Oct 2000: Added Brynocki to the Super Villains list and the TPB version of TOHOTMU to the Checklist. (The TOHOTMU TPBs simply hadn't occurred to me to include before.)

12 Oct 2000: New Spaceknights Hype and a review and annotations for #3. Also, the annotations for #2 have been updated.

6 Oct 2000: Some of you have mentioned starting an e-mail list or such in the past, but I've hesitated to start such a thing. A recent e-mail from Kenny Hobbs, however, convinced me of the usefulness of a message board, so now there is one. It's provided by InsideTheWeb.com for free (which means it has ads).

4 Oct 2000: I finally got around to doing chronologies for Javelin I, Starshine I, and Terminator I. Also, thanks to Derik and Chris for letting me know the Torpedo's spirit appeared in #6 of the Marvel U.K. title Dark Angel. Also, added eBay prices to the Where to Get a Figure page.

21 Sep 2000: Pre-order sales figures are in for Spaceknights #2, and it's not good. The issue was #135, inbetween Legend of the Hawkman #3 and Sailor Moon #24. The Marvel title above it is Fantastic Four #35 (standard cover) at 133. (The foil cover is #28; the next Marvel title up is Avataars #3 at 128.) The next Marvel title below it is Power Pack: Peer Pressure #4 at 163. The only other Marvel titles below it are X-Men Universe and Avengers Universe, which are designed for the non-direct sales market.

In other news, I've added Marvel Age Annual #1 to the Checklist for a very minor Rom cameo. Also, I've replaced the preview version of Spaceknights #3's cover on the Art page with the final version. (The difference is the coloring.) Lastly, did some minor rearranging of the Links page and added a site with a home-made Rom action figure.

19 Sep 2000: Lots of updates! Added Dr. Dredd's appearances to the Dire Wraiths page. Added Devastator to the Super Villains list. Added pictures of Hammerhand I and Javelin I to the First Generation Spaceknights page for any Spaceknights fans who want to see what the current ones' fathers looked like. Added entries for Mack Killburn, Silas Lane, General Locklin, and Ace O'Connor to the Supporting Cast page. And added Chronology pages for Supporting Cast, First Generation Spaceknights, and the Spaceknights limited series.

18 Sep 2000: You may or may not have seen the solicitation for Universe X #3. It mentions Dire Wraiths. Well, I now have (from an inside source), reason to believe (beyond just a Dire Wraith appearance) that every die-hard Rom fan will want to buy this issue, so reserve your copy now. You can thank me later.

14 Sep 2000: Today I wrote and posted my Annotations and Review for Spaceknights #2.

13 Sep 2000: Spaceknights #2 came out today! Therefore, I updated the Annotations for #1 and the Third Generation Spaceknights page. (Don't read the latter until you've read #2!) And, uh, by the way, all references to Seeker II have been changed to Scanner II. Also, I received the following from Brian Douglas Ahern about his proposal:

Yes, I knew about both the New Warriors' Turbo as well as the appearance of Hybrid in X-Man when Nate uses the "last bitties of humanity in Hybrid" to defeat him. I chose to ignore them. I figured if the mini-series I was proposing got picked up and inspired an ongoing series (which was the whole idea), I'd explain that stuff away later.

12 Sep 2000: Added the Marvel Universe poster to the Other Media page. (I've owned one for quite some time, but didn't think to list it.) I also created a new page under Other Media for Disappearing Roms. This was inspired by the recent auction of the original art for a Secret Wars II poster where Rom was drawn, but removed from the final product. Lastly, added Your Man @ Marvel's picking Spaceknights #2 as his "best bet" this week to the Spaceknights Hype page.

30 Aug 2000: In Spaceknights news, Chris Batista tells me he will be plotting the last two issues and Starlin will only be scripting them. Batista has already gone back and revised the scripts for the first three issues (for which he was not credited). Using new information he sent me, I have updated my Annotations for the first issue. Also, thanks to Scott Kaplan for reminding me of the Galador mention in Dazzler #11. It's been added to the Checklist.

28 Aug 2000: Page 16 from #3 added to the Spaceknights Art page. Now how come none of you regulars told me the site's URL appeared in Wizard #108? Thanks to Jerry Whitworth for letting me know.

22 Aug 2000: Thanks for Chris America and Stanley Lui, respectively, I've added a Dire Wraith cameo from Marvel Team-Up Annual #7 and an odd Rom cameo from Wizard #105 to the Checklist. And FYI, according to Diamond, Spaceknights #1 was #105 on the list of top-selling comics for August, selling only 21,366 copies in pre-orders. (Right after Legion Lost and right before Wonder Woman. The Marvel books before and after it are Before the Fantastic Four: Reed Richards #2 (at 101) and Black Panther #23 (at 111), respectively. Hopefully it got reordered a lot.)

10 Aug 2000: I've added all the Spaceknights Art Batista has sent me to date. Most of it's for #1, but there's also a sketch of the original design of Liberator's armor. I've also added my Annotations & Review for the first issue. Lastly, thanks to Flank McLargehuge for pointing out the proposal I had listed as #1 was actually made in 1998, so I've rearranged them (again).

9 Aug 2000: I've been away from these pages for a while, but Spaceknights #1 is out, so now I'm back! New entries for ToyFare #12 and Quasar #4 on the Checklist courtesy Stanley Lui and Captain America #311 from Michel Racaud. Also a pointer to a Comic Book Resources interview with Jim Starlin on the Links and Spaceknights Hype page. (Thanks to StAkAr Karnak for bringing it to my attention.) Also a link French site about Rom's printings in France. (Links page only.) Michel Racaud also pointed out a new flashback in Rom #8 for his Chronology. Look for more additions tomorrow!

5 Jun 2000: The latest issue of Previews, which solicits Spaceknights #1 (shipping August 9th), is out. It also solicits a special version signed by Jim Starlin. And speaking of Previews, I'm discontinuing additions to the Spaceknights Hype page because they all pretty much say the same thing as their entry.

30 May 2000: I discovered a previously overlooked piece of hype from the 4 Feb 2000 edition of Newsarama.

18 May 2000: With Spaceknights officially listed for release, Chris Batista has given me go ahead to publish the art he's sent me. I've created an Art Preview page for it.

17 May 2000: It's official! Spaceknights #1 will ship in August. (Check out the Hype page for more info, unless you don't want spoilers.) I've also started a page detailing the third generation Spaceknights. Also, Stakar Karnak spotted Rom in the background of the latest issue of Top Ten. See the cameos or checklist pages for details and a link to a scan.

8 May 2000: Your Man @ Marvel has given genuine hype for the Spaceknights limited series this week (not just a mention in the letter section). Looks like it's going to come out in August after all.

28 Apr 2000: Lots of updates lately, eh? Well, today I found a Dutch review of the Rom series. Find its entry on the Links page for a link to a translation site.

27 Apr 2000: Jason Babler sent me the URL for a nice page about the Rom action figure at a site called Bug Eyed Monster. I've added it to the Links page.

25 Apr 2000: New Spaceknights hype from Your Man @ Marvel in the form of a letter. Looks like the series is being pushed back to September.

24 Apr 2000: Xavier Lancel provided a great deal of information on the French printings of Rom's adventures. He even scanned all the covers for me! Also, James Meeley brought to my attention another appearance of the Rom bust this week in Captain Marvel #6, which has been added to the cameos list and checklist. Lastly, Chris Batista sent me a scan of a page from Spaceknights #1 (complete art, but no lettering). It looks gorgeous! I've been asked to wait a bit before I put it up. He did tell me that Thomas Chu is the colorist for the series.

12 Apr 2000: This week's Your Man @ Marvel answers a letter about Rom, mentioning the upcoming Spaceknights limited series. Nothing new is revealed, but more is promised in the future. It has prompted me to create a Spaceknights Hype page.

11 Apr 2000: Phillip Hillis III has pointed out a small appearance by "Gom, Space Toaster" in Action Comics #762. (See the Hopeless Completist's Checklist for details.) Also, Stanley Lui sent me a web site with an old, rejected proposal for a Rom limited series. It is now Proposal #1 and the others have been moved down. Lastly, Scott Kaplan points out that the Thornoids were summoned more than once, so their entry has been slightly revised.

3 Apr 2000: An WebTV user known only as Howard pointed out that the Metal Master was missing from the super villains list.

3 Mar 2000: Updated some of the information about the French Marvel 25th Anniversary Portfolio in the Other Media section after finding an issue of the French comic Strange in a local thrift store.

12 Feb 2000: WizardWorld.com has posted a story on the Spaceknight limited series, including preview art. Check it out! Be warned, however, that it contains a few spoilers, if you want to be completely surprised by the series.

4 Feb 2000: A whole new look and a new name! There's lots of new pages about Rom's supporting cast, enemies, and fellow Spaceknights. Plus information on the upcoming Saga of the Spaceknights limited series.