The Universe X Rom

Universe X was a limited series set in an alternate Marvel Universe timeline and was the sequel to the well-received Earth X limited series. It takes place in the future, but certain aspects of the past are changed as well. I won't even attempt to summarize the plot, as it's very complicated and you don't need to know much.

In issue #3, Captain America, a reincarnated Captain Mar-Vell, and Kazar travel to Limbo. There they encounter Rom, back in his human form, who appears to be trapped there. Rom is using the front half of the torso of his armor as a shield and weilding his Neutralizer. He helps Cap & co. against the Dire Wraiths attacking them. Then Mephisto shows up. Discussion ensues and as Cap & co. are going to depart, Rom gives Captain America his Neutralizer to use against his enemies during his quest.

Incidentally, because Marvel no longer has the Rom license, he's never named. When Captain America first sees him, he exclaims, "the greatest of the Spaceknights!" (Yeah, that sounds natural.) After that, even the narrarator doesn't mention his presence.

In #4, Captain America attempts to use the Neutralizer to neutralize Death. Not only does it not work, it destroys the Neutralizer. And that's the end of that.


Rom's part is very minor. As a result, there are many unanswered questions.


There are a few errors, although since it's an alternate reality, you might argue that in the Universe X reality they're not errors.