Presentation Page

From the information in The Comic Reader #169, it appears John Romita, Jr. and Marie Severin handled the art used in presentations to Parker Brothers and/or Marvel for the Rom series. Below you can see a presentation page from that issue of The Comic Reader and compare it to the published art from Rom #1, page 1, drawn by Sal Busecma.

[Rom presentation page] [Rom #1, p. 1]

At first glance, the two appear identical. But when compared side-by-side, you can see the differences. In particular, compare panel one, the placement of Rom's left arm in the main panel, and the "Arrival!" lettering. And, of course, there's the credits on the published page. It's not readable in the scans, so here's the differences in the text:

Presentation Published
Radar tracked it... Ground-based radar tracked it... the Blue Ridge Mountains. the Allegheny Mountains.
It may be too late! By then it may already be too late!
...emerges unscathed! ...emerges unscathed from the inferno!