The Fourth Return of Rom

(That Never Happened)

Here's a very, very brief summary of this proposal by Brian Douglas Ahern. If you want more details, including artwork, follow the link below. Basically, Hybrid returns, frees the Dire Wraiths, and creates more Hybrids. Rom and Brandy, who are not living happily ever after, find out and return to Earth to battle them. The first order of business is to get Rom grafted back into his armor, which they do with Forge's help. Brandy tries to regrafted into the Starshine armor, but it ends up being inhabitated by Firefall instead. Meanwhile, Dan Jones, the Torpedo's oldest son, has inherited his father's armor.

Ahern was familiar with Turbo in New Warriors and Hybrid's appearance in X-Man, but chose to ignore them. His hope was that the mini-series would inspire an ongoing series so he could explain that stuff away later.

Ahern's original site with his proposal seems to be gone, but luckily you can still read it and see the drawings thanks to the Internet Archive. Please don't forget to use your back button to come back here when you're done admiring Brizy Comics - Rom Proposal.