International Printings

I'm sure Rom's adventures were reprinted in many countries, but so far, I'm only aware of four: Brazil, England, France, and Italy. Most of the information I have is for France. In all cases, Rom was not printed as a stand alone title, but as part of an anthology containing Marvel Comics heroes. Often, this meant that what was printed as a single story in America was broken up over several issues of a foreign anthology.

The French and Italian anthologies had original covers commisioned for them. The English ones, to the best of my knowledge, did not. So there are many pieces of Rom art out there that Americans have never seen. I'll try to collect as much as I can and put it up on these pages. If you have any information or cover scans missing from these pages (and there's plenty), please feel free to send it to me.

BrazilPremiere Marvel, Hulk, and X-Men
EnglandForces in Combat and Future Tense
ItalyMarvel Mix