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Rom Checklist

Are you a hopless completist? Do you have to own every single appearance of Rom, the Dire Wraiths, Hybrid, etc.? Don't worry, this page is here to help. No, not to overcome your addicition, but to let you know exactly what comics you need to get to make your collection complete.

All comics published by Marvel unless otherwise noted. Dates, when given, are the cover dates on the comics. The checklist is divided into categories, from Rom's main appearances down to parodies and simple mentions. As a result of these categories, some issues are listed multiple times. Please let me know if you know of something that's missing. For non-comic book items, see the Other Media page.

Core Titles

This is, more-or-less, the same as Rom's chronology. These are in-contiunity appearances of Rom where he had a significant role in the comic. Most also include Dire Wraiths.

Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #296 (Jun 1984)
Bill Mantlo, writer of both Hulk and Rom, finally manages to get the two together.
Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #418 (Jun 1994)
On page 14, at Rick Jones' wedding, Rom and Brandy make their only in continuity appearance between Rom #75 and Spaceknights #1.
Marvel Two-in-One #99 (May 1983)
The Thing teams up with Rom.
Power Man and Iron Fist #73 (Sep 1981)
Occurs between Rom #22 and #23.
Rom #1-75
Rom Annual #1-4
Spaceknights #1 (Oct 2000)
Rom's apparent death.

Rom Cameos by Marvel

These are minor appearances of Rom or his likeness in comics published by Marvel, most within the Marvel Universe.

Avengers vol. 1, #221 (Jul 1982)
Rom on cover only.
Captain America vol. 1, #311 (Nov 1985)
Page 20, panel 4 shows most of Rom's head in a flashback to Rom #14.
Captain Marvel vol. 3, #1 (Jan 2000)
On page 3, panel 1 and page 4, panel 1 is what appears to be a bust of Rom's armor in Rick Jones' apartment.
Captain Marvel vol. 3, #6 (Jun 2000)
We get a better look at the bust of Rom's armor in Rick Jones' apartment on page 15, panel 5.
Captain Marvel vol. 3, #26 (Feb 2002)
Part of the 'Nuff Said month event, in which all of Marvel's comics were "silent" in honor of the victims of 9-11. On page 10, panel 3, as Rick Jones is about to stab himself, he remembers the people and heroes he's been close to, including Rom. Art by Leonard Kirk and Robin Riggs.
Contest of Champions #1 (Jun 1982)
Rom has a cameo in the background of page 14, panel 1.
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Annual #2 (1992)
In a back-up, Rintrah takes on the "Condo of Shadows" (formerly the House of Shadows from Rom #5). Rom has a flashback cameo on page 41, panel 4. Art by M. C. Wyman and Jim Sanders III.
Howard the Duck (magazine) #6 (July 1980)
The Duckworld version of a Rom the Space Knight action figure appears in page 42, panel 1. The story is by Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden, and Bob McLeod. Mantlo and Golden worked together as writer and penciller on Micronauts for that title's first year, so the Microducks appearance in this panel is no coincidence.
Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #319
Rick Jones remembers all the heroes he's been a sidekick to, including Rom, on page 5, panel 5. Drawn by John Byrne.
Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #374
A set of Skrulls impersonate the heroes Rick Jones has helped, including Rom, on page 23, panel 2. Drawn by Dale Keown and Bob McLeod.
Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #381
Rick Jones has a Rom costume in his closet on page 8. Drawn by Dale Keown and Mark Farmer.
Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #467
In the framing sequence, the helmet of Rom's armor is on Rick Jones' shelf.
Marvel Age #27
Tiny Rom on cover.
Marvel Fumetti Book #1 (Apr 1984)
Marvel's Rom costume was used as a prop in one strip.
Marvel Team-Up vol. 1, #103 (Mar 1981)
Ant-Man fixes his daughter's Rom figure on page 2, panel 2. It's interesting that a toy company would make an action figure out of a supposed serial killer from outer space.
New Warriors vol. 1, #73
Flashback appearances of Rom and Dire Wraiths.
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man vol. 1, #72 (Nov 1982)
Ollie Osnick picks up a Rom action figure in a toy store on page 15, panel 1.
Secret Wars II #4
Cameos by Cindy Adams, Brandy Clark, a Dire Wraith, and Rom on page 4, panels 2-3.
Uncanny X-Men #187 (Nov 1984)
Forge creates holograms of Rom and Starshine to drive some Dire Wraiths away. (See also the section below.)
Universe X #3
Rom appears in human form with the torso of his armor as a shield and his Neutralizer in Limbo. He gives his Neutralizer to Captain America, who winds up destroying it the following issue by trying to neutralize Death.
Web of Spider-Man #7
Rom appears in the background of a dream Peter Parker is having on page 1. Penciled by long-time Rom artist Sal Buscema.
West Coast Avengers vol. 1 (LS), #1 (Sep 1984)
Rom on cover only.

Dire Wraith, Hybrid, and Volx Appearances and Cameos

Although the Rom was the Dire Wraiths primary enemy, they fought some of Marvel's other heroes as well. Hybrid, too. Volx was the Dire Wraith queen, although she didn't get that name until her appearances in New Warriors.

Avengers vol. 1, #244-245 (Jun-Jul 1984)
The Avengers fight Dire Wraiths at Cape Canaveral.
Avengers vol. 1, #268 (Jun 1986)
Black Knight, Hercules, and Wasp are brought to Limbo where they kill dozens of Dire Wraiths in a fight.
Doctor Strange vol. 2, #75 (Feb 1986)
Cross-over with Fantastic Four #277. No Wraiths actually appear, but Wraithworld and the neo-neutralizer does.
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (third series) #2 (Jan 1989)
A brief appearance by a Dire Wraith witch that left earth before Wraithworld was destroyed.
Fantastic Four vol. 1, #277 (Apr 1985)
Shows the affects of Wraithworld's approach on New York as the Thing encounters a Dire Wraith.
Fantastic Four #577-578 (May-June 2010)
A group of Dire Wraiths appear as part of the Universal Inhumans.
Incredible Hulk vol. 2, #262 (Aug 1981)
A couple has adopted a Dire Wraith child as their own.
Marvel Team-Up Annual #7 (1984)
There is a Dire Wraith cameo on page 3, panel 5.
Marvel Vision #26 (Feb 1998)
Time Slip was a regular feature where an artist recreated a Marvel character as he or she might have done it. In this issue, Derec Aucoin does the Dire Wraiths. Instead of shape-shifters, his Wraiths are parasitic aliens who control their host. Their look seems to be partially inspired by the Aliens (of the movie series). Once joined, Wraiths cannot be separated from their host, so both must be killed. Thus the Spaceknights in this alternate reality are not the heroes we're familiar with.
Mephisto Vs. ... #1 (April 1987)
This issue's cover says Mephisto Vs. the Fantastic Four. There's a one-panel flashback appearance of the Dire Wraiths, with Mephisto mentioning how he was feeding off their ascending evil during the Wraith War (in FF #277).
New Avengers #18 (Jun 2006)
Hybrid appears on a monitor as part of a list of powers the villain has acquired. This could mean Hybrid will make no further appearances at Marvel. (Not that it was overly likely anyway.) This two-page spread was also reprinted in the recap page of New Avengers #19.
New Warriors vol. 1, #60, 64, 73-75
The New Warriors take on Volx.
Nova vol. 2, #17-18
Volx makes her way to Earth, leading up to the appearances in New Warriors above.
Uncanny X-Men #185-188 (Sep-Dec 1984)
Storm, Forge, and the rest of the X-Men fight Dire Wraiths.
Uncanny X-Men #236 (Late Oct 1988)
Rogue encounters the psychic residue of those whose powers and memories she's absorbed, including a Dire Wraith from #185-188.
Universe X #3
The heroes travel to Limbo, where they encounter Rom and many Dire Wraiths.
Universe X #10
More Dire Wraiths appear from Limbo.
X-Man #31
Nate Grey vs. Hybrid.

Marvel Handbook entries

Rom and company have gotten plenty of coverage in Marvel's various handbooks. This list is only for actual entries. For places where Rom et al. are only mentioned in someone else's entry, see Text mentions.

All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #5 (May 2006)
Hybrid gets his own entry.
All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #10 (Oct 2006)
The Spaceknights (of the 2000 limited series) gets their own entry.
Contest of Champions #2 (Jul 1982)
Rom is listed (and has a small head shot) amongst the Marvel Super Heroes list in the back.
Dark Reign Files
This one-shot is like an OHOTUMU issue, but is written as an intelligence report for Norman Osborn about various super villains. It includes an entry for the Dire Wraiths, although I'm unsure why.
The Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
This is a black and white reprint compilation of the complete The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe series, including entries on Rom, his equipment, and the Spaceknights.
The Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition, vol. 2
This is a black and white reprint compilation of several issues of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition, including Rom's entry from #11 of that series.
The Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition, vol. 3
This is a black and white reprint compilation of last several issues of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition, including alien races entries for the Dire Wraiths and Galadorians.
Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook
Features an extensive entry on the original Spaceknights. Rom is mentioned plenty, but for obvious reasons does not appear visually.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 1, #3
Alien Races: Dire Wraiths entry.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 1, #5
Galadorians listed under the Humanoids entry under Alien Races in back. Note that this entry incorrectly states Galador is in the Milky Way galaxy. When Rom was trying to return home in Rom #24, he ended up near Xandar, which is in the Andromeda Galaxy. If Galador is within the Milky Way, he would have traveled millions of light years too far.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 1, #9
Rom's entry.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 1, #10
Spaceknight entry.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 1, #15
Entry for Rom's armor and equipment.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition), #11
Rom's entry. Drawn in human form with cyborg form as a phantom.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition), #12
Spaceknights entry and the origin of Dire Wraiths is mentioned in the Skrulls entry.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, The vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition), #15
There are entries for Clavians (see Rom #71), Dire Wraiths, Galadorians, Hibers (see Rom #67), and Thuvrians (see Rom #19, 2nd story) in the Appendix: Alien Races. (See The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe vol. 1, #5 for a note on why Galador wasn't in the Milky Way.) Rom and the Dire Wraiths are mentioned in Mark Gruenwald's editorial for this issue. Rom is also mentioned in the Astrans entry.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Volume Six: Radioactive Man to Stiltman, The
This is a volume of the trade paperback (TPB) edition of TOHOTMU. Each TPB collected about two issues of the Deluxe Edition. I believe some entries were updated, but as Rom's series had concluded before the TOHOTMU-DE was published, I doubt there was anything to update for this version.
This one-shot is like an OHOTUMU issue, but is written as a Skrull intelligence report. It includes an entry for the Dire Wraiths since they're an off-shoot of the Skrull race. The image selected to accompany the entry is from the cover of Uncanny X-Men #187.

News articles

[Back cover of CR #169]
Comic Reader, The #169 (Jun 1979)
The back cover (right) of this comic fanzine was a "presentation drawing" by John Romita, Jr. and Marie Severin. It also contained short (one paragraph) news item on the upcoming series, accompanied by a presentation page.
Marvel Age #4 (Jul 1983)
A preview of the new look for the Dire Wraiths, as designed by Walt Simonson, is given.
Marvel Age #7
Walt Simonson's sketches for Starshine's redesigned armor are on page 2. The cover of Rom Annual #2 was reprinted as the splash page for an article about that year's annuals. Also, one article listed the titles Bill Mantlo was scripting, but a typo had it saying "RON". This was resolved in Marvel Age #9 (see Text mentions below).
[Cover of Marvel Age #23]
Marvel Age #23
Special Dire Wraith cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, a fumetti of a guy in a Rom suit, main story on Rom.
Marvel Age Annual #1
Rom's head appears alongside many other hero's heads in the Secret Wars II preview on page 2, panel 3. In the "Marvel A to Z" preview article, Mantlo reveals #75 will be the last issue and gives away most of the plot for the last few issues.
Marvel Vision #15 (Mar 1997)
Pictures from the annual Marvel Bullpen Halloween party show Bob Harras and Jim Sokolowski dressed in Rom costumes.
ToyFare #15 (Wizard, Nov 1998)
The "Toy Story" column talks about the Rom figure and comic. The article was also published online, which you can still read courtesy of the Internet Archive.
ToyFare #133 (Wizard, Sep 2008)
In honor of Marvel's Secret Invasion event, this issue features the article, "We Come in Peace: The 50 Greatest Alien Invasions of All Time." It places the Dire Wraiths invasion at #16.
Wizard #215 (Sep 2009)
A five-page story on the career of Bill Mantlo ("Tragic Talent" by Christopher Lawrence) features an original illustration by Greg Horn that includes Rom.

Non-Marvel Cameos

The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom (issue & date uncertain)
In his regular Dateline: @#$! comic strip, Fred Hembeck included Rom, along with the Hulk and Iron Man, in a section titled Grey Matters, which simply mentions the trivial fact that all three characters were colored grey at first. Reprinted in:
  • The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus (Image, 2008)
Hembeck 1980 (Fantaco, 1980)
This is the second collection of Fred Hembeck's Dateline: @#$! strips. Rom appears in the top-right corner of the splash page, which is a crowd scene that would give even George Perez a run for his money. Reprinted in:
  • The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus (Image, 2008)
Prototype #4 (Ultraverse)
Prototype fights a bunch of robots. Rom's helmet can just be made out at the bottom of the heap on the right, under what appears to be Iron Man's boot.
Top Ten #8 (America's Best Comics, Jun 2000)
Rom apparently made a stop in Neopolis (page 12, panel 1). (Although he's based more on the action figure than the comic book character.) Layouts by Zander Cannon, pencils & inks by Gene Ha, and colors by Wildstorm FX.
ToyFare #12 (Wizard, Aug? 1998)
In the "Big Shot," page 78, Rom is singing with War Machine.
Wizard #105 (Wizard, Jun? 2000)
Rom is shown singing in one panel.


Action Comics #762 (DC)
A "Gom, Space Toaster" figure (in the box) appears in the toy department scene on page 4.

Text mentions

These include any mentions of Rom or Dire Wraiths in text. In some cases art may be reprinted, but no new art is involved. In short, you've got to be a really hard-core Rom fan to collect these.

All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z
It seems like almost every issue of this series mentions Rom or the Dire Wraiths. Here's an incomplete summary:
  • #2 – Dire Wraith mention in the Beta Ray Bill entry.
  • #6 – Rom mention in the Living Tribunal and Mad Thinker entries.
  • #9 – The Saurians entry mentions Serpentyne.
Avengers vol. 1, #243 (May 1984)
Dire Wraiths mentioned, but do not appear.
Avengers Annual #13
A detector is set up to check for "Skrulls or Dire Wraiths." No Dire Wraiths appear.
Black Panther #39
Dire Wraiths mentioned, but do not appear.
Dazzler #11
Terrax tells Galactus about his discovery of Galador on page 18, panel 4. Leads directly into Galactus' appearance in Rom #26.
Defenders #142 (April 1985)
On page 6, panel 2, Iceman comments "Something's strange, Hank—this weather is really strange—even the wind smells funny.*" The related footnote says, "* For the inside scoop on this, see the current issue of ROM."
Earth X #11
Galador is mentioned in the closing text as a world destroyed by Galactus in this alternate universe series.
Fantastic Four #579 (July 2010)
The Dire Wraith appearances in previous issues cause a letter writer to mention Rom on the letters page.
[Pinup in Marvel Age #9]
Marvel Age #9
Following up on Marvel Age #7 (see News articles above), where a typo said "RON" instead of "ROM," this issue has an entire page of letters from people pointing out the typo and Marvel Age's response. The next page has the pin-up from Rom #3, but with the addition of Rom shouting, "ROM not RON!"
Marvel Legacy: The 1970s Handbook
Rom is mentioned in the back under the Missing Link's "Where are they now?" entry.
Marvel Monsters: From The Files Of Ulysses Bloodstone And The Monster Hunters
As you can tell from the title, it's something of a departure from the normal Marvel Handbook format, but that's essentially what it is. The House of Shadows section mentions its encounters with Rom and the Dire Wraiths.
Marvel Vision #27 (Mar 1998)
Features an interview with Sal Buscema. Although his work on Rom is only mentioned in the introduction, art from two early issues of Rom is used. Furthermore, the background of all three pages of the interview is page 23 of Rom #7.
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition), #6
Reprints the John Byrne panel from Hulk #319 in the Rick Jones entry.
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition), #10
The Appendix: Other Dimensions on the back page lists "Limbo-Rom." Rom and the Dire Wraiths are also mentioned in the Quasimodo entry.
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk 2004
The Rick Jones entry mentions him helping Rom against the Dire Wraiths.
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Fantastic Four 2005
Rom and/or the Dire Wraiths are mentioned in the entries for Galactus, Mole Man, and the Skrulls.
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005
The Brotherhood of Mutants entry takes two sentences to mention their encounter with Rom and Hybrid. The Champions of Xandar also mentions Rom.
Quasar #4
Dire Wraiths mentioned, but do not appear.
Runaways/Young Avengers: Secret Invasion #2
Dire Wraiths mentioned, but do not appear.
Simpsons Comics #35 (released Mar 1998)
On page 5, Otto lost a bet and must "forever have the words 'Rom: Spaceknight' emblazoned across [his] forehead."
Spider-Woman #7 (May 2009)
On the last page, Spider-Woman's handler sends her a text message saying, "I got Dire Wraiths, I got Spaceknights, I got a Microverse outbreak. . . ." Unfortunately, this is the final issue, so we're unlikely to see mention of any of this again. Reprinted in:
  • Spider-Woman: Agent Of Sword hardcover (2010)
Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange
Features a story where the Impossible Man visits the Marvel Bullpen. Joe Quesada is shown pitching ideas to Brian K. Vaughn on the phone, one of which is a "six-issue mini--Rom, Space Knight."
Thor #354
Beta Ray Bill comments in this issue, "I assisted the Avengers in a skirmish with some creatures known as Dire Wraiths," with a footnote referencing Rom #65.
Universe X #11
On page 14, Mephisto mentions the Dire Wraiths.
Watch This Space, #98-2 (various DC titles released the week of 25 Feb 1998)
DC Comics "weekly" news page mentions Steve Ditko (the last penciller on Rom) visiting the DC offices. He apologized to Mike Carlin "for not having the next issue Rom with him -- thirteen years since they worked together on that series."
What If...? vol. 2, #21 (Jan 1991)
In a letter by your truly, I discuss the problem with the story in What If...? #15 and offer some possible solutions. The problem regards the Fantastic Four giving Rom the Skrull saucer they had so he can return to Galador (in Rom #23). On a personal note, this letter netted me a No-Prize!
Wizard #108 (Sep 2000)
The Online Datebook for August mentions Spaceknights #1 is shipping and gives the URL for this site!


Thanks to the following people for identifying certain comics. Not all contacted me directly, but all in some way brought certain issues to my attention.