Girl Genius Sales Data

Before it became a webcomic, Girl Genius was a comic book. The first three issues had black and white interiors and cost $2.95. Starting with #4, they went full-color and consequently upped the cost to $3.95. There was also a "zero issue" called Girl Genius: The Secret Blueprints, but as it was not a comic that told a story (and I don't have data for it), it is not included below.

IssueDateRankSales ChangePeriod
1Feb 2001no datano datan/an/a
2Apr 20011694853no data2
3Jun 2001178558015.0%2
4Aug 200117861139.6%2
5Oct 20012015889-3.7%2
6Jun 200218363307.5%8
7Jul 20021886316-0.2%1
8Oct 200217564902.8%3
9Jul 20032106406-1.3%9
10Oct 20032476351-0.9%3
11Jun 20041926172-2.8%8
12Aug 20041935790-6.2%2
13Dec 20042185523-4.6%4


This is how the issue rated compared to other titles released that month. For example, #2 was the 169th best-seller that month.
This only reflects order made by comic book shops. It does not indicate how many were actually purchased by consumers. Nor does it count copies sold directly by Studio Foglio. For comparison of printed versus sold, Kaja Foglio is on record saying they "printed 8500 [copies each] of issues 11 and 12."
The percentage increase or decrease in sales compared to the previous month. For example, there was a 15% increase for orders of #3 over #2.
The number of months between that issue and the previous one. Girl Genius was originally on a bi-monthly schedule. It later went quarterly, but often missed the mark. (In Studio Foglio's defense, the delay for #11 was caused by them licensing Girl Genius to WizKids, only to see WizKids acquired by Topps who proceeded to do nothing with it before they got the rights back.) It has been frighteningly regular since becoming a webcomic.