Jägerspeak Translator FAQ

What is a Jägermonster and Jägerspeak?
A Jägermonster is one part fierce, monster solider and one part comedy relief in Phil and Kaja Foglio's masterpiece entitled Girl Genius. They speak with a funny accent that might be east European. You could also blame it on their mouths being full of sharp teeth.

How do you pronounce Jägermonster?
In the Girl Genius Radio Theatre episodes, it was pronounced like "yay-ger." The Studio Foglio gang wrote them and they should know.

Okay, so what's Girl Genius?
Girl Genius is a story of "adventure, romance, and mad science." It has also been described as "steampunk" and "gaslamp fantasy." The star is Agatha Heterodyne, unknowing inheritor of her father and uncle's heroic legacy. She lives in a Europe with roughly Victorian technology. The world is ruled by mad scientists called sparks. Agatha happens to be a spark as well, although she's only recently discovered this. The whole thing started as a comic book, but can now be read online as a webcomic with new pages posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Phil Foglio? Didn't he used to draw "What's New?" in the back of Dragon/Duelist magazine?
Yes, the very same. You might also know him from his work on Stanley and His Monster, Angel and the Ape, Buck Godot, or XXXenophile.

Why do this if there's already something like this on the World Wide Web?
You refer to Santiago's Jägerizer. Well, first, because I didn't do enough research to discover it before starting on my own. Second, while Santiago's program is great, you have to be online to use it. (You can download a version that will work on Unix from his site, but that won't work for the average Web surfer.) Now I have absolutely nothing against CGI scripts like his. Heck, you'll find one in the parent site of the Translator. But mine uses JavaScript, so once you load the page, you can disconnect from the Internet but leave your browser up and it will keep working. You can even save it to your own computer.

So did you just convert Santiago's CGI/shell script to JavaScript?
Not at all. In fact, I didn't even discover his site until after I'd gotten a preliminary version of mine done. I have neither looked at his code nor tried to match his output. I came up with my script, as I'm sure he did, simply by noting the patterns in Jägerspeak from the Girl Genius comic. However we came up with slightly different algorithms. Try pasting the sample text from my translator into his. Note that there are differences.

Okay, how can I save it to my computer?
First, let me give the legalese. You may only save a copy for personal use. You cannot redistribute it. (That means no posting it on your own web site.) Nor can you attempt to sell the service of translating text. (I don't think there's much of a customer base there anyway.)

For Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox (Fx) under Windows:

  1. Go the translator.
  2. From the menu at the top, select "File/Save As..." (IE) or "File/Save Page As..." (Fx).
  3. Select a folder to save it to and change the file name if desired. The important part is to make sure "Save as type" is set to "Web page, complete."
  4. Click Save and you're done. To access it, simply go to the folder where you saved it and double-click on the HTML file you saved. It should automatically open in your browser.

But I don't trust JavaScript!
Well, then go use Santiago's Jägerizer. But trust me when I say I have no interest in messing up your computer or trying to obtain personal information. And if I did, I probably wouldn't put my name at the bottom of the page.