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Deciding to keep your cats indoors can be a difficult choice, but it is one of the best choices you can make for your cats. To help you in your decision, peruse this information and visit these links.

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Indoor Cat Facts 
Indoor Cats Live Longer, Live Better
By the Community Animal Welfare Society
Your cat may tell you the great outdoors is lot of fun - grass to roll in, trees to climb.   However, cats, like children, depend on us to  recognize danger and protect them from harm.

 In addition to grass and fresh air, the outdoors poses many risks to your pets. Lethal risks that  can be completely avoided:

TRAFFIC: To listen to some people, a pet's  "getting hit by a car" is just part of pet  ownership. Your pet is not likely to agree....

POISON: Cat's don't usually resist the temptation of checking out neighbors' yards, the hoods of their cars, and their flower beds.  Although it is illegal and inhumane, some  people put out a poisonous substance to get  rid of those pawprints on a car. Poison also  may be put out for other animals, and pets are accidentally poisoned, such as by eating  poisoned mice.

CRUELTY: Unfortunate, but true, there are more than enough people in this world who are  intentionally cruel to animals.

INJURIES: If  your pet goes outside, it risks injurious or deadly fights with other animals, and also exposure to those animal's diseases. Bite wounds often abcess, resulting in a serious injury for your pet, and a veterinary bill for you.

DISEASE:  Even if your pet is vaccinated, it runs the risk of serious diseases:  * Leukemia - The vaccine for feline leukemia, although valuable, provides about 80% - 85% protection, leaving your pet still at some risk of  contacting leukemia, a deadly disease transmitted basically by saliva, from another cat. * FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus - FIV is a disease that compromises the immune system of the cat. There is no vaccine for FIV, and there is no cure. FIV is generally transmitted between cats by biting. A blood test determines if the cat is  FIV positive. Scientific evidence indicates FIV is not communicable to humans. A number of stray cats are FIV positive, and your cat runs a significant risk of FIV contact with these outdoor cats. For more information regarding FIV, contact your veterinarian.

No cat, no neighborhood, is immune from these dangers. Give your cat a long, safe, healthy life - indoors!

Make Life Inside Fun --  Toys, playtime with you, a window to look out of, scratching posts, and a few twigs of catnip from time to time more than compensate for the risks your cat faces outdoors. This article is from the Community Animal Welfare Society. Take some time to visit their site.

"Did you know outdoor living can be hazardous to an urban (or suburban) cat? Automobiles, other animals, parasites and viruses all pose threats to the outdoor cat. Overpopulation continues to be an issue of concern to cat-enthusiasts, as well. Experts suggest providing indoor cats with outdoor amenities instead. Herb plants that are safe to chew on, interesting toys, lots of opportunities to play or even a second cat can keep your favorite feline satisfied and may also extend its lifespan."
.......the American Veterinary Medical Association

Think you can't train your outdoor cat to be indoor? I'll bet you thought you were never going to train your child to use a toilet instead of a diaper... think about it...

If you want your cat to occasionally enjoy walks outdoors, and you have them vaccinated and treated for fleas, leash training your cat may be one option. Some cats are 'naturals' at leash walking, while others may take a bit more effort. I take my Noelle outdoors on a leash, and she really enjoys it; we have a special bonding together during these times.

Do I look unhappy to be indoors?

You go left... I'll get the
mouse on the next go-round!
My cats are indoors-only as much for my own sanity as for their safety. The first night one of them didn't come home would be the longest night of my life. If you wouldn't trust strangers with your kids, you shouldn't trust your cats to a world full of them.

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Sniffing the breeze and watching the birds -- safely indoors.
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