"We Now Pause for Station Identification"

Alabama Public Television APT has begun celebrating its new Britcom lineup with two interesting new idents, instead of the usual scenes from Discovering Alabama or plugs for Alabama @ Work.

The first is the "station identification" screen listing all the stations in the APT network and shown at the top of each hour during their Saturday night Britcoms.

The second is shown at the bottom of each hour and lists their Saturday night Britcom schedule.

(Of course, scenes from other Britcoms are also shown during these idents.)

Speaking of Britcoms, this is a generic screen graphic from APT listing the night's upcoming programs.

And here's APT's latest "Tonight" graphic:

This is from a promo for APT's new Britcom Club, featuring such Britcom luminaires as Mrs. Slocombe, Hyacinth Bucket, and the Reverend Geraldine.

Britcom Club

A new "Tonight" graphic reflecting APT's current "Amtrak" schedule:

For the ultimate in station identification, APT recently began showing an on-screen ID (sometimes called a "bug" or "DOG") during many of its programs. This episode of Are You Being Served? Again! was the first AYBS-related program to feature the new ID.

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