A slate is a sort of identification screen placed just before the beginning of a TV program. It might have the recording date, broadcast date, an ID number, etc. Years ago slates were written in chalk, perhaps on a "clapper"; today screen graphics are more likely to be used. Slates aren't supposed to be broadcast, but, as they say, accidents do happen.

Here we have the original slate from "By Appointment". This is a chalkboard with the name of the program, the episode name and number (this was episode 1 of series 6), recording number, and a "countdown" clock, showing in how many seconds the actual episode would begin.

This is a slate for episode 7 of Are You Being Served? Again! (the one about Captain Peacock finding a gun). This is a graphic-type slate, with the UK title of the program (Grace and Favour), the series and episode number, recording number, and another "countdown" graphic.

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