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The Society Respects the Personal Information of the Individuals and Family Members identified on this site.




This site is designed for the relatives and cousins whose lineage stems from the northwestern part of Europe – a place called Montmirel, France.  It is located approximately 11 kilometers south of Omaha Beach in Normandy.

Genealogy research and family heritage are this societies’ primary focus.  We strive to insure our viewers, cousins, visitors, and research enthusiasts’ alike, are provided with the most current, accurate, and complete source of Gueret~Dumont family history available to date.

Other common variations to this inherited nobility of duMontmirel, Meherenc, and Bouchard are the following: Guere, Guerry, Guerrette, Guerey, Gueray, or Gueret, Dumont, Dumonte, Dumond, Dumonde, and Dumontet.

The society wishes to pass along to you every success in your research.  If you are a family relative, welcome.  If you are a researcher, enjoy.  If you are unable to make a connection with these family lines, thank you in advance for visiting.

NOTE: The information within this website is subject to change without notice and should be construed as reliable to the best of our ability.


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C’est beau de vous voiré après trois cenzan.  Le noh Dumont vivre encore. 
Fais Honneur pour la famille de Gueret dit Dumont.

Vive la Normandie!!

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