Finally!! The Real George Mercier!!!
(updated Oct. 24, 2009)

Lots of people have been complaining about my analysis of George Mercierís work, Invisible Contracts, that, from a lawyerís viewpoint, was unmitigated legal garbage. Recently, some have been contending that he was a judge, clerk of some federal court, etc, and thus my criticism of him was unjustified. Frankly, I thought the man was nuts!!! To learn something about the guy, I decided to check with Pacer to see if he ever engaged in litigation. What I found was surprising.

Pacer is a federal website that connects a subscriber to the docket sheets for all federal cases, civil and criminal, across the country. Once on Pacer, you can pull up the docket sheet for any pending federal lawsuit, and obtain PDF images of the pleadings in the case, particularly those filed since the early part of this century. To try to find any suit filed by Mercier, I inserted his name in a search box on Pacer that would locate any case by a party of that name. The results of my query resulted in links to some 226 cases instituted by a George Mercier.

I pulled up the docket sheets for just a few of these cases, and from these, I was able to obtain copies of complaints filed by George Mercier. In these complaints, Mercier provides some information about himself and the parties he is suing. Please read:

One of Mercierís first lawsuits
Order of dismissal of lawsuit

Mercier's lawsuit against his father and others
(see footnote where Mercier claims he had to feed himself through his rectum)

Mercierís complaint against U.S. Attorney Bogen
Magistrateís report explaining the activities of Mercier
Order of dismissal

Feel free to visit Pacer and read more complaints filed by Mercier. Frankly, after reading one of his first complaints about bombing Paris, I immediately concluded he was nuts. Draw whatever conclusion you want; I have drawn the conclusion that he is a pothead suffering from delusions.

Some believe that Mercier was either some judge or clerk of court. In simply checking on the Net for information about Mercier, I think I have found some relevant information. There is a George Mercier who is a prominent Rochester, New York businessman, who created the Mercier Literacy Program in 2002.  If you look on this website, you can see pictures of an elderly George Mercier. Invisible Contracts mentions that its author has New York connections. From some of the complaints I found on Pacer, I learned that son George Mercier sued his father George Mercier from New York. I put these facts together and have concluded that the author of Invisible Contracts is the son of the Rochester businessman, and the son likes to sue his dad. From reading just a few of these complaints (more than linked above), it is obvious to me that George Mercier, the son and author of Invisible Contracts, is a nut.

Here is a comment about Mercier from Bob Minarik:

"Folks - Here is the bottom line.   We are losing our asses because of judicial tyranny, not because we don't follow wild ass theories of men like George Mercier, Roger Elvick, and other wild ass theorists.  When we advocate these off the wall theories, what we are doing is saying that we in the patriot movement have been doing it all wrong and that if we followed this theory we would have success, but no one, and I restate NO ONE, has had any success in the judicial arena with that wild theory crap.   We in essence are giving credibility to the enemy who is stealing our liberty and dividing our ranks so we can be shot down one at a time.   If we are going to have any chance of turning this around, we have got to expose this crap for the fraud that it is and get good people who want to fight to start reading history and the Supreme Court cases that supported the fundamental rights issue and reject the spurious claims of men like Rich Cantwell and George Mercier."