FreedomClubUSA: A Scam
(updated Aug. 17, 2017)

There is an organization named FreedomClubUSA that claims to use various "patriot" developed processes like "UCC" so its members can obtain “non-judicial” claims against other parties that can be sold to some big international bank. Members spend lots of money to secure these “non-judicial” judgments for millions of bux. They then wait around for the big, off-shore meeting in the Bahamas where that big, international bank will meet with the members and pay them multi-millions for those “non-judicial” judgments. I learned about this organization in 2007, a time when it was alleged that these multi-millions in claims would soon be paid. It did not happen then and will never happen because this is a scam.  This is an organization that uses patriotism and "patriot" arguments for the purpose of fleecing people.

Tom Lawler is the "president" of this organization. Lots of complaints have been made against FreedomClub by people who joined, paid the organization lots of money, and then waited for the promised "funding". See Freedom Club USA: A Warning. Several years ago, the SEC sued Lawler and his organizations to shut them down because of the rampant fraud. The complaint in that action is here and the docket sheet is here. In February, 2016, Lawler was held in contempt, but he is probably now out of the country. Nonetheless, the website is still up and probably more innocents are being defrauded.

Do some Internet web searches using the terms “FreedomClubUSA” and “Scam” and some results will be the following:

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Hello everyone,

I just want to warm people about this website. I put this in the news section because I believe that it relates to Zeitgeist members. I was looking for a way to get money to support the TZM and TVP. I have some knowledge on the law were not suppose to know about such as the strawman the FED etc. so I was looking for a way to use this information to my advantage. And what do i come across? Freedom Club USA. When I first got on the website i figured it was a scam like all others but then I dived into the website's information and it seemed pretty legit. Actually after about an hour of reading it had me convinced that I could turn debt into cash! It all seemed way to good to be true so I came down from the clouds and google'd "Freedom Club USA scam?" and sure enough there are many ex-members very pissed because they put thousands of dollars into their memberships with no "rewards" or "gain" in the end. Not only did they put their money and time into this but their trust and feelings into it. If you don't understand that please go check out the website They make it look VERY convincing which is all the more despicable. They have Mon-wednesday night calls where they act all nice and pretend like they truly want to help people be "free" and "healthy" and it makes me sick to listen to them blatantly lie to good and honest people trying to stop foreclosures on their homes or get out of debt. I probably would have joined and wasted thousands of dollars if it wasn't for the people who shared their experiences so I wanted to share mine with everyone here. God this really pisses me off that people take advantage of other people like this. We really are a fucked up species for sure.

Anyway, I hoped I helped.
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  Submitted:  Friday, February 15, 2008
Last posting: Saturday, December 27, 2008

Freedom Club USA has advertised over a 3 year period to be an educational club, with information covering multiple topics ranging from political and financial, to new age and alternative health. As part of the education, they offer a membership into the club for a $300 fee, which opens up a special section of the website with additional articles, as well as the ability to participate on a "members-only" call held every Tuesday night.

The backbone of the club lies on an Administrative Remedy (AR) program they claim is able to convert bank debt and IRS bills into tax pre-paid cash. This is supposedly accomplished by writing letters to the lending institution demanding evidence of the alleged debt. After the three letter process is complete, the club notary claims to have a valid and legal judgement against the institution, which they brag is 100% successful. Following the obtainment of the judgement, the club claims to have a process that can pay for the value of the judgement by creating an unlimited amount of "e-credits" on a computer. The payment element of the process is what the club claims they are working on since the inception of their development team.

Although the process sounds exciting, there are pieces of information that the victim is not aware of when purchasing an AR. The first piece is that the founder, Tom Lawler, has been claiming for nearly 2.5 years that funding is immenent. There have been many many instances where he has said they are putting the final pieces together, and it never comes to fruition. The second piece is that the club has been reported to various law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the FTC, etc. The third piece is that the head of the development team, George Lake III, is a diagnosed schitzophrenic. The relevance of this fact is that he is the one who is putting together the computers to create the money, as well as creating a private UCC (called a GL UCC) that is filed against the bank or IRS. The last piece is that Going through an Administrative Remedy Process is legal, but it is expensive and cannot be used at an international or local level as identified in a verbal opinion provided by one of the directors of finance at the Swiss Bank in London, two judges, attorneys and others with legal expertise who have reviewed a completed set of AR documents. All of the GL UCC filings are irrelevant and they are NEVER filed with the Secretary of State on behalf of the filer. This is a major fraud perpetrated against the club member.

They do however gladly accept payments for this process, at a cost of $3000 per AR, during this pre-launch period. The club (which includes the directors and consultants) have maintained a conduct of never accepting responsibility for any result that has emerged from their actions. Members have been through divorces, foreclosures, one member is literally living out of their car, and one case where a member is now in a mental-ward. Although these members cried out to the club for help, the club has responded with a "we're not responsible" attitude.

Restitution in this matter could be done two ways:

1. Pay the AR's in a timely manner. Giving a new excuse every week, continually claiming the club is on the brink of funding only diminishes any credibility the club has left (and I suspect thats not alot), and moves it into the realm of scam.


2. Close the doors and do not continue to promote false hope to unsuspecting victims.


An Angry Member
New York, New York

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 Submitted:  Friday, March 21, 2008
Posted: Friday, March 21, 2008

I've been a member of Freedom Club USA for over a year now, and have been nothing but dissapointed at them. I paid $3000 for an AR process because my consultant led me to believe that Freedom Club had a process that could convert my debt into millions of dollars. He said they just needed a few more things and they would be ready to payout. Its been over a year, and all they have to say is they thought they were there, we didn't realize how big this was, its imminent (its been imminent for years), etc.

This is a friendly warning to fellow readers. If you spend $3000 on an AR, all your going to get for it is a status update. An update does not pay the bills, money does. Others have challenged the founder, Tom Lawler, on this issue. He ends up terminating their agreement, keeps the $3000, and threatens to sue if they speak out (this has been well documented).

Finally, I have to say some things about your founder that may not be pleasant. Tom has a call on Wednesday night where he shares his spiritual beliefs. He has admitted to believing in reincarnation, and reads books on New Age. He has spoken to spirits on open, public calls via a dowsing crystal, and quotes authors who say they have spoken to spirits. He has even acknowledged Lucifer as a misunderstood being, saying he was made to be the scapegoat by the church. He believes that Buddah, Ghandi, Muhammed, and Jesus were people with a higher consciousness. He has even said that Jesus' message was that he didn't come here to save you, but he came to tell you how to save yourself. He has said all these things on open, public calls, and whats worse is that your consultants honestly believe him and pagan rituals.

That is what your getting into when you join this club.

Orlando, Florida