Ozonesonde Hitchhiker Flight (Jan. 17, 2009)

Minibeacon board

(Click here for PC board availability)

2m FM/RTTY transmitter (CW, RTTY and Hellscreiber)

(FM and SSB modes alternating)

(1/4 W output at 9 volts) - Built-in GPS receiver and patch antenna


Close up of the power supply and onboard GPS receiver module


The GPS patch antenna is mounted at a right angle to the board


Payload ready for launch with outside temperature sensor (LM 61)


2m tracking and telemetry payload suspended below the ozonesonde package


Shane N4XWC receives the RTTY telemetry in his mobile using MMTTY.exe

Peak Altitude: 110,800 feet

Payload landed on the peak of Grandpa mountain in the Sumter National Forest west of Walhalla, SC

(tracked and located by Eddie WD4JEM and Geri K4GMF of Lawrenceville GA)

( Not recovered as yet)