ARHAB 20th Anniversary

First Flight - August 15, 1987 - ATV and 50mW 2m FM - Findlay OH


Second ARHAB flight - W9PRD - Greensburg, IN - June 8, 1988 - ATV and 2m FM


Third ARHAB flight - W9PRD/WB9IHS (now W9IH) Chuck went on to found Windtrax


First Live TV Camera ARHAB flight - WB8ELK Mojave Desert CA 1/21/89


First Packet Digipeater Balloon - KA8TEF/WB8ELK contacts made between 8 states


KA9SZX, KA9SZY, N8IYD, WB8ELK live camera balloon - Champaign IL


Space Camp Balloon (Huntsville AL) - July 1994


Liftoff of 400 pound CATS Rockoon from boat deck in Gulf of Mexico


Firing of CATS rocket from 73,000 feet via 2m uplink command


HiBall-10 One Finger Launch Technique