We will unite, or we will die
(or well, maybe go insane from spam emails)
Fed up of spam emails? cant figure out how they got your email address? join the revolution, join us, fight against the spam. your internet needs you.

Spam bots, spiders, crawlers, Harvesters, whatever technical name you want to give them, have one function, to crawl the web looking for email addresses. They go to a homepage, and then follow all the links from that page entering any email address they find on these pages into a huge database, which then they sell to advertisers, or use to send you emails for the latest in breast enlargement or credit card deals. However although we may not be able to stop them doing this alone, we can sure as heck give them a hard time doing it! Thats where the Anti-Spam Revolution (ASR) is needed.
This page may look like a huge list of strange email addresses but in actual fact it is a spam spiders nightmare. when a spider enters this site it follows the same link you did to get here. it then thinks it is in spider food heaven finding a page of thousands of emails, however what it doesnt know is, obvioulsy, these email addresses are useless and fake. it gobbles up thousands of fake addresses, and then reaches the link at the end of the page, which like a good little bot, it follows, and guess what? yup, it starts all over again, and ends up stuck in this little loop, there is no link off the page, so it has no where to go. Eventually it crashes or gives up. The asr@unclebobsuncle.com email is a real email address, and is added so that any company that obtains email addresses from this script will be obvious because they will send their junk to that email address. this page is the ONLY page that address is listed, so I know where they got it from.

The spammers end up with thousands of useless email addresses, when they send out their emails they will get thousands of returned mail causing them to have to manually go into the database and remove all these fake addresses, or force them to stop using a spider and do it the old fashioned way of manually getting the email addresses. We wont stop them getting the email addresses, but we sure wont go down without a fight!

Want to join the revolution?

If you own a website you can, by simply linking to this page http://www.unclebobsuncle.com/antispam.html from your site, any email spider that enters your site will follow that link to this page and the fun begins. Or if you want to add the fun to your own site, you can by downloading and installing the ASR members pack onto your website.
obtain this pack simply download this file

That is a special harvester prof link, so any harvester on this page cant follow it, thus defeating the purpose.
In the zip file is a copy of this page, a copy of the javascript file that does the cooking, a small text file to show you how to protect your email address from harvesters, and a logo which you can display on your site, to let visitors know you are part of the anti-spam revolution. Together we can make a difference.

If you are a email spider, please help yourself to our delicious email addresses.