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All I Want To Do (Is To Be With You) All I Want To Do (Is To Be With You) Words & Music by Walter Donaldson and Joe Burke
Featured by Correll and Gosden "The Life of The Party"
- Exclusive Artists - W.E.B.H.
Anastasia (Waltz) Alan Johns - c.1994
Ave Maria Ave Maria.nwc Teresa Boesen
Beautiful Texas W. Lee O'Daniel
The Cinnamon Bear The Cinnamon Bear Music by Don Honrath, Words by Glan Heisch

See: The Complete Cinnamon Bear: http://www.radioarchives.org/sets/PC31.htm

Down On The Old Party Line Ralph Waldo Emerson and Elsie Mae Emerson
Lum and Abner theme song #3
Eastern Skies - Maxina Dance for Piano Eastern Skies - Maxina Dance for Piano Gilbert Sharp, Arr. by Fred Ireland
Eleanor (A Serenade) Eleanor (A Serenade) Music and Words by Jessie L. Deppen
Eleanor (Fox_Trot Song) Eleanor (Fox Trot Song) Music by Jessie L. Deppen, Words by Arthur J. Lamb
Kelly's Gone To Kingdom Come! Kelly's Gone To Kingdom Come! Words by Sax Rohmer, Music by T.W. Thurban
O-o-oh, Wonderful World O-o-oh, Wonderful World Words and Music by Tim Spencer and Sam Allen
The Perfect Song The Perfect Song Words-Clarence Lucas, Music-Joseph Carl Breil
Amos 'n' Andy show theme.
Where There's Someone Waiting (Just For Me) Lum and Abner (Chet Lauck and Norris Goff) and Ekko Whelan (Nat Vincent)