LITTLE TICH: A Book of Travels (and Wanderings)
by Little Tich

ISBN 978-0-9794798-0-9
152 pp, perfectbound / 1st U.S. Printing -May 2007

FINALLY, an affordable reading copy of this elusive book. If you've been hunting a copy, it didn't take you long to find that first editions sell from @ $500 to over $1,300... well outside most of our collective budgets. This is the first reprint to be made available, and copies are limited. It is a "print-on-demand" title due to small demand, however the quality is what you would expect from any mass-produced volume. In other words, this small print run originates from a well-known printing company, not from Joe Schmo's home computer. At best, the most I can hope for is to break even on expenses. Should that not happen, the title will likely be removed from the market entirely at year's end. So get it while you can.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Sax Rohmer edited/ghost-wrote this book for his good friend Harry Relph ("Little Tich"), world famous Music Hall artist. Rohmer titles, for the most part, are easily obtainable via eBay and used book stores. However, "Little Tich" and "Pause!" have long been the bane of collectors almost from the time they were printed. Although "Little Tich" initially did well in sales, Greening & Co. declared bankruptcy soon after publication. Thus, a short supply and outrageously sky-high prices.

This edition includes:

All first editions that I have encountered (and I can count them on one hand) from my years of searching, were in such poor condition that they did not display well on a shelf. You will not be ashamed to leave this new volume in plain view.