signing off for 1938 with just a
brief reminder....

MOTHERS and fathers--boys and girls--everyone--don't forget that in Horlick's the Original Malted Milk you have just as fine, as appetizing and delicious a food drink as you could ask for. Use it often--at breakfast, at lunch, after school...and hot last thing at night.

Horlick's is good for all the family, of course. FOR INFANTS--Horlick's the Original has the benefit of a remarkable fifty-year record behind it, and is widely known and highly recommended as an infant food. FOR GROWING CHILDREN--nourishing and easily digested, Horlick's provides good wholesome nourishment in a delicious, easily digested form that children love.

AND FOR GROWNUPS, TOO--as a lunch Horlick's the Original is often enjoyed in place of a heavy meal, while for those who must be careful what they eat, this food drink offers fine sustaining nourishment in a readily digested form. Use it just as often as you like. You couldn't do your family or Lum and Abner a better turn.

This is Carlton Brickert speaking for Lum and Abner and Horlick's, and bidding you all "good-bye" and "good health". We hope you've enjoyed this book and that you will be sure to follow the old fellow's adventures on the air. Remember--you're invited!

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The Original Malted Milk