Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . When you're skatin', holdin' hands

Fer Travelin' . . . Don't. Stay home an' wait for Santy Claus

Fer Bizness . . . Dec. 1 ter 24th

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Christmas Time



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Th Aquarius You air too trusting--remember that some fokes wich appear frends ain't.
2 Fr Pisces Youe will write a novel some day, but not if you keep prog-nos-ticating--(putting it off).
3 Sa Pisces You orta be in bizness fer yoreself--you might make more money.
4 Su Aries You are headed fer a lot of premotions in 1938. Good luck to you.
5 Mo Aries You make sich a good lissner you offen fergit to put in a word fer yoreself.
6 Tu Aries Hit appears that fokes borned today will have a good year in 1938.
7 We Aries You will probly fall in love early, an' yore love will be re-turned.
8 Th Gemini Fokes borned today ain't usually so good-lookin, but they have more attrakative persynalities.
9 Fr Gemini You like nice clothes and sich, and will one day probly have enuff money ter buy 'em.
10 Sa Cancer You have a hiden tallent wich ain't yet developed. Try an diskiver what it is.
11 Su Cancer Fokes borned today air jest natcherly good at everything they does.
12 Mo Leo As you have succseeded in the past, so will you succseed in the future.
13 Tu Leo You will marry a tall blond or a short brunette or vice-versey.
14 We Virgo You air a hard worker, be-ware lest you git too involved in yore work ter have fun.
15 Th Virgo Yore frends like ter confide in you cause you can keep a secret.
16 Fr Virgo Quit bein' so sensitive. You imagine things--fokes air really tryin' ter be nice.
17 Sa Libra Yore face ain't yore whole fortune, but hit's a big help.
18 Su Libra You overestimate the value of money. Remember, frends aire more 'portant.
19 Mo Scorpio You will be a success, but probly not in yore present job.
20 Tu Scorpio You have a lot of good common-sense, wich a lot of fokes would give their right hands fer.
21 We Scorpio Stop thinkin' you air a failure--an you will go strate to the top.
22 Th Sagittarius Someday you will be a ty-coon. Don't fergit ter remember yore frends.
23 Fr Sagittarius You ain't skeered o' nuthin--you have good sense an' know when ter keep outa danger.
24 Sa Capricornus Fokes borned today have sympathy fer other fokes, an' will reap a just reward.
25 Su Capricornus You air of a happy nature an' probly spread happiness all a-round you.
26 Mo Capricornus You have a sense of humor wich is a comfort ter you an other fokes both.
27 Tu Aquarius You like ter have fun, but also you kin get plumb serious if it is necessary.
28 We Aquarius Do not let little things worry you. Yore persynality is sich you will sweep all before you.
29 Th Pisces You have a lot of friends, ask them ter help you if you need to.
30 Fr Pisces You air apt ter magnify yore troubles. Fokes borned today really never have any big 'uns.
31 Sa Aries You were borned last but you will be far from least at the end of the race.