Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Back row in the movie house

Fer Travelin' . . . Oct. 5th is good fer goin' places

Fer Bizness . . . Every day 'cept Sundays

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Hallowe'en



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Sa Saggitarius Yore friends like ter tell you their trubbles, cause you are sympathetick an keep secrits.
2 Su Saggitarius You will probly never be rich, but you will never be unhappy.
3 Mo Capricornus Fokes borned today air too inclined ter be bashful. Remember you air as good if not better than other fokes.
4 Tu Capricornus You probliy have a hidden tallent fer actin, wich would come out on a stage.
5 We Capricornus Yore only enemy is yoreself--you air too goodnatured fer yore own good.
6 Th Aquarius You will live ter be a ripe old age, if you ain't a ripe old age alreddy.
7 Fr Aquarius You air too sensitive. Remember that other fokes air tryin' ter please you, not hurt you.
8 Sa Pisces Most fokes borned today will git married--an you air no excepshun.
9 Su Pisces You will never be rich an' happy both. Better fergit about makin all thet money.
10 Mo Aries Fokes borned today air uncommon attrackative, but lible ter git conceited if they ain't keerful.
11 Tu Aries You will be a rich person some day, but only if you start savin' yore money today.
12 We Aries You have a alert mind an' take a lively interest in things goin' on about you.
13 Th Aries A sunny disposition will bring extry good fortune ter you fokes borned today.
14 Fr Aries You air desteened ter be a important person in yore kimmunity.
15 Sa Gemini You air so clever yoreself, you air inclined to be critical of other fokes. Try an' avoid this.
16 Su Gemini Yore hankerin fer fame will not be reelized 'less you stop dreamin' an git down ter work.
17 Mo Cancer Tho eager fer succsess, you air quick ter reelize that all good things take time.
18 Tu Cancer You will marry someone whose name begins with L--we hope.
19 We Leo You air persevering, an' never rest till you have finished what you have begun.
20 Th Leo You have brains an will succseed, but beware of fokes who air jealous of yore ability.
21 Fr Virgo You air fun loving an' genyrous, but must beware lest yore genyrosity tern to extravygence.
22 Sa Virgo You air the fortunate owner of aactive mind and you air not lazy 'bout usin hit.
23 Su Libra You would probly make a good execytive, if you air not satisfied with yore present position.
24 Mo Libra You air eager to hep others, you often fergit ter hep yoreself.
25 Tu Scorpio You air good at speech makin', but we recommend you do not practise hit at home.
26 We Scorpio You air attrackative ter other fokes, specialy the other sex. But don't git conceited bout hit.
27 Th Scorpio You can handle everyone 'cept yoreself. Don't git diskiriged--you will learn ter do that real soon.
28 Fr Sagittarius If you air a girl you will marry a handsome man--an' vicey-versey.
29 Sa Sagittarius You have a unusual appreciation of the fine and beautiful things in life.
30 Su Capricornus If you ain't succseeded yet, do not git diskiriged--you will.
31 Mo Capricornus You air borned ter boss other fokes--but we siggest you avoid tryin' hit at home.