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I-GRANNIES, this is the life. Lots of excitement, famous people, sunshine and beautiful girls. It's a heap better 'n store-keepin'. A famous movie star says, "A actor must have at least 86 shirts, 17 overcoats, 26 hats, 83 ties and lots of shirts--clean ones". You got to have something different to wear for every occasion, so we went out and bought ourselves everything a actor has to have, but it takes so much of our time changin' from one suit of clothes to another we don't git no chance to go nowhere any more. When we do go out, we got to wear smoked glasses, which is all right in the daytime 'cause the sun is so bright, but it seems silly to have to wear 'em at night, but that's jist one of the things you got to do when you git to be actors like us. Speakin' of smoked glasses reminds us of the time we was over to the movie studios. Them lights they use is powerful bright, an' we got to talkin' to one of the directors about it. We said we didn't see how people could do much actin' with all them bright lights shinin' in their faces--we didn't see how they could keep from blinkin' all the time and spilin' the pitcher. We suggested that they let the actors wear sun glasses but nobody paid any attention to us. You cain't tell these people out here nuthin.

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Conrad Nagel
Well known film star

Conrad Nagel Finds Horlick's Makes Ideal Lunch
"Whenever I'm extra busy on location, I always turn to Horlick's for my lunch. It's so easily digested, for one thing--you don't get the drowsy, heavy feeling that an ordinary luncheon leaves. And believe me, keeping alert and "on the job" is most important in the picture business. And then, that extra nourishment in Horlick's is just the thing an actor needs to help him through a busy afternoon. Few foods seem to satisfy like Horlick's, so come what may in the way of tough assignments, after a Horlick lunch a man is always ready to do his best."