Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . When the moon is full

Fer Travelin' . . . County fair days

Fer Bizness . . . When you ain't sleepin'

Fer Havin' Fun . . . After school



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Th Scorpio You air buckin' a stone wall. Try goin' 'round the end--hit's easier.
2 Fr Scorpio "Laugh an' the world laughs with you."  Fokes borned today will find this a profitable slogan.
3 Sa Saggitarius Do not worry 'bout little things. The force of yore persynality will sweep all before hit.
4 Su Saggitarius You'll keep dreamin' 'bout adventure, till you really have one. Then you'll wish you'd stay to home.
5 Mo Saggitarius Don't worry if other fokes make more money than you. You will be grately esteemed in yore kimmunity.
6 Tu Capricornus Fokes borned today will probly make a grate fortune. But don't fergit yore frends or you will lose hit all.
7 We Capricornus Yore honest charickter an' steadfast nature will help you in times of trubble.
8 Th Aquarius Fokes borned today have many tallents. If you're industrious there ain't nothin' you can't do.
9 Fr Aquarius Fokes borned today generally have one set purpose. Stick to it an' you will come out on top.
10 Sa Aquarius You have the kirige ter set yore own standards an' stick to 'em, re-gardless of ad-verse critycism.
11 Su Pisces You have a natcherly joyous outlook on life, but kin be serious if the occasion de-mands hit.
12 Mo Pisces Today is a good day fer doin' good deeds. You will probly become a grate hero.
13 Tu Aries You have a kind an' genyrous nature. Beware lest others take ad-van-tage of hit.
14 We Aries Fokes borned today should look to their feet fer their fortune.
15 Th Aries You have a quick an' sparklin' wit, but not so sharp hit kin hurt yore frends.
16 Fr Aries You air the sole of tack, an' do yore utmost ter prevent strained moments.
17 Sa Gemini To all yore dealings with other fokes you bring a sense of fairness.
18 Su Gemini Yore pleasant manners an' likeable nature win you many loyel frends.
19 Mo Cancer With yore de-termination an natcheral ability success is within yore reach.
20 Tu Cancer Quiet, self-reliant an' well informed, you make definite an' sure decisions.
21 We Leo Yore children will grow up ter be a grate joy an' pride to you.
22 Th Leo You will probly gather grate wealth when you air young an' do good with hit when you air old.
23 Fr Leo Never mind bout makin money--your natcheral gifts will give you far grater pleasure.
24 Sa Virgo You should marry yore first love fer a long an happy married life.
25 Su Virgo Yore natcheral kindness makes you a grate comfort ter fokes as needs comfortin'.
26 Mo Libra You have a quiet an' determined manner, wich wins the respeck of yore frends an' others.
27 Tu Libra You have a tallent fer making witty sayin's wich will live long after you air gone.
28 We Scorpio You would make a good travelin' salesman. Trouble is, you prefer ter jist travel.
29 Th Scorpio Yore sense of humor will be a grate comfort ter you in time of trubble.
30 Fr Scorpio You got a lot of adventures comin', but not the kind you air expectin'.