WE FINALLY got to go to a big opening. Abner didn't want to go at first. He couldn't see no sense in payin' five dollars fer a movie when he could go see it next day fer fifty cents. He enjoyed hisself though, 'ceptin' he fell asleep before the picher was over, on account of it was way past his bed time before it even got started. It took a awful long time to get in the theayter they was such a big crowd there--fokes wantin' my autography more 'n likely. The policemen was keepin' the people in order and all the fellers from the newspapers was there snappin' my pitcher as I come in. I-grannies, I never knowed I was such a celeebrity. Hit just goes ter show you tho'--there ain't nuthin' kin hold down a feller with real actin' ability.

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