Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . After dark on that July 4th picnic

Fer Travelin' . . . Every day is good fer this

Fer Bizness . . . Days you ain't out fishin'

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Days you air out fishin'



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Fr Leo A lot of fokes borned today use their extry intelligence ter become school teachers.
2 Sa Leo Yore chances of succsess are endangered by yore temper--keep hit under control.
3 Su Virgo Fokes borned today jest missed being borned on Independence Day. So did a lot of other famous fokes.
4 Mo Virgo You should spend the holiday you git on yore birthday thinkin' up new ways to succeed.
5 Tu Virgo You air borned under a lucky star--someday yore dearest wish will be granted.
6 We Libra You air thoughtful 'bout other fokes feelins, an are probly extry popular on thet account.
7 Th Libra You have extry courage ter face trouble, but ain't likely to have ter use it cause you are lucky.
8 Fr Scorpio One day you will diskiver that the happiness you air searching has bin rite at yore door fer years.
9 Sa Scorpio You air fun loving an' genyrous, but must beware lest yore genyrosity turns to extravygence.
10 Su Scorpio Some day you may have a position of power. Remember then that frends count fer more than money.
11 Mo Sagittarius Fokes borned today are extry capable fokes. You would probly make a good execytive.
12 Tu Sagittarius Fergit what you air wishin--hit will not be granted. Fokes borned toady --and any day--must work ter succseed.
13 We Capricornus You will be a opery star or a banker if you kin learn to hold a note.
14 Th Capricornus You have the ability ter succseed, but must conquer yore tendency ter be-little yoreself.
15 Fr Capricornus Yore ability ter lead fokes may lose you frends if you do not keep hit under control.
16 Sa Aquarius Fokes borned today are usually the center of attracktion at sociables. Beware of gettin' conceited.
17 Su Aquarius You air of a thrifty nature. Keep hit up an' you will be rich sooner than you think.
18 Mo Pisces You air desteened ter make a grate diskivery, wich puts you in a class apart from other fokes.
19 Tu Pisces You air hiding yore lite under a bushel. Put yore talents ter work in a other direction.
20 We Aries Fokes borned today are noted for their skill at games. Yo uprobably air good at tennis and ping-pong an sich.
21 Th Aries You could write well if you put yore mind to hit. Why don't you?
22 Fr Aries You probly will never be rich, but fokes borned today are allways happy anyways.
23 Sa Taurus You ought ter git in the actin' bizness--you have a tallent fer sich things.
24 Su Taurus You air desteened ter be right smart of a succsesds in yore kimmunity.
25 Mo Gemini You will see a lot of the world--fokes borned today are desteened ter travel.
26 Tu Gemini Fokes borned today are usually extry bashful. Try mixing with other fokes more.
27 We Cancer You may git only one oppytunity if borned today. Keep an eye peeled fer it.
28 Th Cancer You air clever an' witty, even if yore frends insist you ain't.
29 Fr Leo You have a cool and collected nature, wich is a good thing for fokes borned in July.
30 Sa Leo Yore friends have confidence in you cause you air trustworthy.
31 Su Virgo You air too bashful. Remember that fokes borned today are bound ter succeed, an' you will overcome it.