* * * WE DIG FER GOLD * * *

AFTER we'd been in Hollywood a couple of days we decided we would go out and dig fer some of that Californy gold we had been hearin' about. We never knowed where to look fer it but we got to inquirin' around and found a feller who said he had a place just full of gold nuggets, but as his health was failin' him and he had been sort of on the funeral list fer the last few months, he never had strength enough to dig 'em up, so he sold us the diggin' rights to it fer ten dollars, but we never did find out if they was any gold there or not, fer we hadn't dug down more'n three or four feet till a feller come out and claimed that nobody had permission to sell diggin' rights to that property. Facts is, he wanted us to pay him fer what grass we had tore up. We never did see the feller again that sold it to us and Squire Skimp says we got a City slickin' and sorter made out like we showed our ignorance, but we ain't as backwoodsy as some of the rest of 'em fer some fellar has dug a oil well right in the middle of the street and so far ain't been ketched up with yet. We kinda figgered that us bein' strangers in town was the only reason we was noticed so quick.

Turn Over

in the new Paramount production,
"Hold 'Em Navy."

"Horlick's...helps you sleep more soundly"
Says Mary Carlisle

"If there's any one thing an actress must have, to stay fresh and attractive, it's lots of sleep. That's why I've been taking Horlick's lately. A glass of this delightful drink can soothe you and relax you after a hard day at the Studios. Once relaxed, you can't help but sleep more soundly, wake feeling more refreshed. And it's such an easy plan, too, that it's all the more attractive. Just drink a glass of Horlick's hot, before you got to bed, and that's all there is to it."