Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . June 1 ter June 30

Fer Travelin' . . . Good fer goin' ter Niagery Falls

Fer Bizness . . . Better fer romance

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Any day is good fer this



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 We Gemini Fokes borned today have a good head fer figgers an' sich, but cain't write litteryture.
2 Th Cancer You will have only one big oppytunity--watch fer it.
3 Fr Cancer If borned today, ask fer a map fer a birthday present. You air desteened ter visit forin places.
4 Sa Leo You're gonna marry some one whose name be-gins with T (less you're married alreddy, then this don't count).
5 Su Leo You have a lotta tact and ain't given to ex-pressin' yore thots too freely.
6 Mo Virgo Yore friends confide freely in you 'cause they have diskivered you can keep a secrit.
7 Tu Virgo You air a person of grate action an few words. Yore work speaks fer itself.
8 We Libra Bein' a June baby you air of a romantick nature and attrakative to the opposite sex.
9 Th Libra Hit ain't necessary fer you ter make money. Yore natcheral gifts will give you grater pleasure.
10 Fr Libra You will git up in the world--but be-ware of balloons.
11 Sa Scorpio Tho eager fer success, you air quick ter reelize that all good things take time.
12 Su Scorpio You air finished in everything you start, an never start nuthin you cain't finish.
13 Mo Sagittarius Fokes borned today air poetic. You kin write poetry but not fer publickation.
14 Tu Sagittarius Yore natcheral kindness makes you a grate comfort ter fokes as needs comfortin'.
15 We Sagittarius You have a great mind. Fokes will follow yore sayings long after you air gone.
16 Th Capricornus You should marry yore first love fer a long an happy married life.
17 Fr Capricornus You air natcherally industrious, but don't work so hard that you overlook golden oppytunities.
18 Sa Aquarius You will always want a adventure till you git one. Then you will wish you had stayed to home.
19 Su Aquarius You do not bring truble on yoreself, 'cause you air neither sispicious nor jealyous.
20 Mo Aquarius You do not hesytate to exscuse a fault in yore friends but you insist on prefection in yoreself.
21 Tu Pisces You have a keen mind which is fine fer solvin other fokes problems.
22 We Pisces Beauty appeals ter you in all forms, an you know that all ain't gold that glitters.
23 Th Aries You air persevering, an can't rest till you have finished what you have begun.
24 Fr Aries Yore sunny outlook on life is con-stant inspiration to yore friends.
25 Sa Aries You have creative abilities, even if you think hit ain't possible.
26 Su Aries Yore quiet manner wins the respeck of all who meet you.
27 Mo Gemini You have a hidden tallent fer organizin'. Develop yore abilities to the full.
28 Tu Gemini You air a quiet, unassuming person if born today, an' have a lotta confidence in yoreself.
29 We Cancer You have a lot of good idys, suitable fer some sich work as advytizing.
30 Th Cancer You air a likeable person if borned today, and attrackative to the other sex.