THE Pacific Ocean is jist about a stone's throw from Hollywood, so we decided we'd like to go bathin' in it. A feller told us that a famous pitcher actress has a beach house down there and we could go bathin' at her place, which we did. We set on the sand in front of her house which faces out over the water, and you don't have to go through the house to git to the ocean--you jist go around by the side of it. It's about the fanciest lookin' beach place we ever hope to see--looks like the pitchers we seen of the White House where the President of the United States lives. Seems like a pretty big place jist fer changin' your clothes to go bathin', but we guess the actress lives there too, part of the time. There is a fence separatin' her front lawn from the beach and Cedric clumb up to look down on her front yard, but there warn't no grass there but a big swimmin' pool. We can't figger out why fokes have to have a swimmin' pool when they got a big ocean right in front of their house, but that's one of the funny things about Hollywood.

We set on the sand awhile to let ourselves git burned by the sun like the rest of the people was doin'. When we finally got ready to go in the water, we had trouble gittin' in very far on account of the waves was purty high and kept knockin' us back.

Lum tried to ride one of the waves and he rid it plum up on the beach and got his nose all scratched up by the sand. Cedric got hisself all tangled up in a long string of seaweed and he come crawlin' out of the water on his hands and knees and we had to git him untied before he could stand up. The water in the Pacific Ocean tastes awfully salty and we got a idy there used to be a salt-lick around there onct upon a time. Where the waves come in along the beach, they do a lot of churnin' and the water is all foamy and looks like suds.

We had took a cake of soap with us and we sure did have us a nice bath, 'ceptin' we kept losin' the soap and had to go scramblin' around fer it all the time. They must have been a lot of fokes bathin' there that day 'cause the water sure was sudsy.

We got ourselves dried off layin' in the sun. Lum wore his smoked glasses to keep the light from shinin' in his eyes and he got awful sunburnt 'ceptin' where his glasses was. That is all white and the rest of him is red as a beet. He looks awful funny--fer all the world like one of them hoot-owls. Me and Cedric got ourselves pretty burned too and the skin is all peelin' offn the backs of our necks, spilin' that swell sun-tan we had hoped ter git.

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