Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Nites you're with yore sweetie

Fer Travelin' . . . May 16th's good as any

Fer Bizness . . . Whenever you get the most customers

Fer Havin' Fun . . . When you ain't workin'



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Su Aries You air not like ordinery fokes--re-member that an' you will go fur.
2 Mo Aries If you air tall, many fokes will look up ter you.
3 Tu Gemini If you air short, you will be looked up to anyways.
4 We Gemini You air too ab-sorbed in yore work--don't let hit make a slave of yuh.
5 Th Gemini Ladies borned today air good cooks; men fokes borned today cain't cook at all.
6 Fr Cancer Yuh air too given ter dreamin'--remember, hard work makes dreams come true.
7 Sa Cancer You have a secret wish. Keep wishin' an' hit will be ansered.
8 Su Leo Fokes borned today air better at eatin' than cookin'.
9 Mo Leo You will marry the person of yore dreams an' be happy ever after.
10 Tu Virgo You air desteened ter travel-fur--figgeratively and litterally both.
11 We Virgo If you were borned today, you have a mind quick at makin' de-cisions.
12 Th Libra As you have progressed in the past, so will you progress in the futchure.
13 Fr Libra If yo air tall, you will marry a blonde; if short, a bronette.
14 Sa Libra A sunny dispositshun will bring extry good fortune ter you fokes borned today.
15 Su Scorpio You think you will never be a success, but hit ain't so--fergit bein' so bashful.
16 Mo Scorpio Luck will come ter you later in life than ter most fokes.
17 Tu Sagittarius You air a right smar person, even if fokes say you ain't.
18 We Sagittarius Yuh will see the world--if you don't sit at home.
19 Th Sagittarius You air desteened ter be a important person in yore kimmunity.
20 Fr Capricornus You air a good teacher. If you ain't, you orta be anyways.
21 Sa Capricornus There air big things in store fer you if you devellep yore talents-an' you have many.
22 Su Aquarius You air trustworthy an' honest an' beloved by yore friends, Why keep worryin' 'bout makin' all thet money?
23 Mo Aquarius Yore hankerin' fer fame will not be reelized 'less you act natcheral an' be yoreself.
24 Tu Aquarius You wear yore clothes extry well if borned today, wish is a unusual accumplishment.
25 We Pisces You have so much ability, you air too critical 'bout other fokes. Try an' be tolyerent.
26 Th Pisces You like bee-ootiful things, wich ain't surprizin if you are a man.
27 Fr Aries You air attracktive to the other sex, which is a accumplishment ter be pround of.
28 Sa Aries Fokes borned today ain't ambishus enuff. You have talents wich should make you rich.
29 Su Aries This ain't a good day fer home-lovin' fokes ter be borned. You will be famous an' travel.
30 Mo Aries Abner's birthday. You will probly git ter be a grate movie actor.
31 Tu Gemini You air inventive, wich a lot of fokes ain't.