ANDY DEVINE who was a country boy once hisself, though he says fokes wouldn't never b'lieve it to look at him, is a movie star. He showed us a lot of fancy places in Hollywood, and took us to the Brown Derby restaurant. We found out this was a cafe, stid of a hat store. The food tasted a heap better than the stuff Sister Simpson serves at her boarding house. The Brown Derby is the first restaurant that we ever seen that has telephones hitched up on the tables so's fokes can call each other up while they are eatin'. Sister Simpson would sure enjoy herself there 'cause she gets a powerful lot of pleasure out of mindin' other fokes' business.
All the celebrities eats there that is if they can git a place to set down. It's awful crowded with tourists from all parts of the country who come in to see the movie stars, but most of the time the place is so filled up with out of town visitors there ain't no room left fer the movie stars. Cedric, as usual has his shoes off an he got so excited meetin' all them movie people, he walked plum outa the restaurant and was clean up to Hollywood Boo-le-vard before he realized his shoes was still under the table.

ANDY DEVINE, appearing
in the New Universal Production "You're a Sweetheart."

"Horlick's Tablets--pep me up on Location"
Says Andy Devine

"Up at six in the morning...often on location till eight or nine at night...yes sir, picture making can be mighty tough. And it would be tougher still if it weren't for Horlick's Tablets. They're compact, with food-energy and nourishment, they seem to pep me up, keep me well refreshed. And they sure keep the appetite down, too. I found that out years ago, and believe me, I've never been without a flask of Horlick's Tablets in my pocket from that day to this."