Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Any Moonlite nite

Fer Travelin' . . . Hit don't make no difference

Fer Bizness . . . April 2 ter April 30

Fer Havin' Fun . . . April 1st



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Fr Pisces Nature made up fer makin this yore birthday by makin you extry smart.
2 Sa Aries The luck you had in not bein borned yestiddy will continue all yore life.
3 Su Aries All yore troubles will be little short ones, like April showers.
4 Mo Aries It ain't no good yore wishin fer success--you have tallents but must work hard too.
5 Tu Aries A right good day ter be borned on. We congratylate you.
6 We Gemini You like ter have a lotta fun but can be serious if the occasion demands.
7 Th Gemini You will have a lot of childrens when you grow up so save your money now.
8 Fr Cancer Fokes come to you fer ad-vice cause you are sympathetic. Praps you shoulda bin a lawyer.
9 Sa Cancer You have a ten-dency ter belittle yoreself, wich ain't right cause you have many tallents.
10 Su Leo Yore unusual popylarity is jeppydized by yore temper. Try ter keep hit under control.
11 Mo Leo You have a fine appresiation of good music an litteryture an sich. Cultyvate hit.
12 Tu Leo You have a warm an' generous nature an' you are loved by all who know yuh.
13 We Virgo You will reach a high post in yore occypation, specially if you are an aviator.
14 Th Virgo You will soon have lots of money but no one ter spend it on cause yore too choosy.
15 Fr Libra Yore extry fond of dogs and horses and sich, wich shows you have a kindly disposishun.
16 Sa Libra Fokes borned today are late fer appintments. Remember--hits the early bird that gits the worm.
17 Su Scorpio If yore lookin' fer adventure, you're gonna git some soon. If you ain't yore still gonna git some soon.
18 Mo Scorpio You air desteened ter be famous, but not in the way you think.
19 Tu Scorpio You're desteened ter be a grate leader but beware--there is one who is tryin' ter stop you.
20 We Sagittarius Fokes borned today air lovable fokes an always the center of a crowd o' frends.
21 Th Sagittarius You air too eager fer an adventuris life--you'll be happier rite at home.
22 Fr Capricornus You have high ideels--and luckily fer you, a strong will to avoid temptashun.
23 Sa Capricornus You have a dislike fer apple pie. If you havn't, you should a bin borned tomorrow.
24 Su Capricornus You have a pashun fer apple pie. If you haven't, you should a bin borned yestiddy.
25 Mo Aquarius Oppertunity is coming yore way. Watch fer it--an' you will git the succsess you desarve.
26 Tu Aquarius Fokes borned today air uncommon attrackative, but lible ter git conceited if they ain't keerful.
27 We Pisces You have a inferiority complex which is perilling yore success. Hit's up ter you ter overcome it.
28 Th Pisces Fokes borned on this day air fine actors (like Lum).
29 Fr Aries Fokes borned today jest natcherly air good at anything they do.
30 Sa Aries You have many hidden accumplishments wich you should try ter cultyvate.