SQUIRE said if I was gonna make a success out of myself out of the movin' pitture business, I'd have to git a place to board that would give me prestige and he insisted that we go to the best hotel in town. Well, we did and it sure is some place. They got a settin' room mighty nigh as big as Ezry Seastrunks pasture and we hadn't been in there two minutes 'till Cedric had set down and took off his shoes so as to cool his feet on the cement floors. We all like the place right well and ain't had no trouble to speak of 'cept the first day when we git in ithe elevator. Cedric thought it was a room where we was gonna stay and it like to skeered him to death when the blamed thing riz with him. Later tho hit was all we could do ter keep him from ridin' it up an' down all day.

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