Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . We siggest March 8 ter March 10

Fer Travelin' . . . Week-ends

Fer Bizness . . . March 6 ter March 26

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Friday nites



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Tu Aquarius You make friends easy and will never lose one.
2 We Aquarius Yore face is yore fortune if borned today.
3 Th Pisces You air too trusting--remember some fokes wich appear friends ain't.
4 Fr Pisces You air gonna write a novel, but not if you keep puttin' hit off.
5 Sa Pisces You air cool and collected--wich ain't so good for nippy March days.
6 Su Aries You will succeed in yore ambition, but you gotta keep workin' hard.
7 Mo Aries You air more attractive ter the oppysite sex than you think.
8 Tu Aries You will fall in love early, an yore love will be re-quitted.
9 We Aries Most fokes borned today air handsum. Air you?
10 Th Gemini Fokes borned today air all headed fer big things.
11 Fr Gemini You orta be in bizness fer yerself--you have a good head for it.
12 Sa Scorpio Try yore hand at actin--you got hidden talents fer it.
13 Su Cancer You will live ter be more than a hunnert, if you ain't thet already.
14 Mo Leo Fokes borned today have good idys. Try yore hand at advytisin'.
15 Tu Leo You air too shy ter be a big success. Try blowin' your own horn a bit.
16 We Virgo If you are a man you will marry a pretty girl--an vicey versy.
17 Th Virgo Yore boss has you in mind fer a premotion. Jiggle his mind a bit.
18 Fr Virgo You air sympathetic and a extry good listener.
19 Sa Libra You are the life of evry sociable you attend. Be keerful--hit may hinder yore succsess.
20 Su Libra Most fokes borned today will git married, an yore no excepshun.
21 Mo Scorpio Is this yore birthday? You are to be congrattylated--hits an exceptionally good day.
22 Tu Scorpio You are a good argifier, but avoid usin' yore talents case you lose yore friends.
23 We Scorpio You air good lookin' if borned today.
24 Th Sagittarius You were borned a day late ter be good lookin, but you have a extry attractive persynality.
25 Fr Sagittarius You can't be rich as well as happy. Better fergit about makin' all thet money.
26 Sa Capricornus You are a connysoor of good food--an a good cook too.
27 Su Capricornus You have good bizness sense, but would probly be happier in a prefession.
28 Mo Aquarius If borned today you air popular cause you like other fokes.
29 Tu Aquarius A fine day fer future presidents an' sich.
30 We Aquarius You have the talent fer makin' other fokes laugh. Ever think of tryin' fer the radio?
31 Th Pisces Avoid gittin conceited, jist cause you're popular an' kinda good lookin.