* * * On To Hollywood * * *

WHEN we heered that it would take us three days to git from Pine Ridge to Hollywood and that they never do no cookin' on the bus, we was glad that Lizbeth had fixed up some victuals as a feller would git awful hungry without something to eat in that length of time. We found out, though, that they stop ever so often and give you a chance to git off to do your eatin' and hits a good thing they did fer Lum got hisself acquanted with a girl on the bus named Miss Memphis Tennessee that had won a beauty contest somewheres and was going out to Hollywood to git her screen tested, whatever that is. Anyway, she was goin' out there to be a actor and bein' Lum was too, they got real friendly and he insisted on feedin' her so many sandridges that there warn't nothin' left and agin' Cedric got done eatin', the vittles was all gone the first day. Squire Skimp says that he thinks we hold the world's settin' up record as none of us laid down to sleep fer three days. Facts is, after I got here and got a bed to sleep in, hit was four or five days before I could git myself stretched out level with the bed and I still walk like I was fixin' to set down all the time.

BETTY GRABLE, featured in
the new Paramount production,
"Thrill of a Lifetime."

Betty Grable Says:
"Horlick's keeps me Slim and Trim"

"Like every other actress, I must watch my weight constantly. Yet so tiring and exacting is picture work that I simply can't afford to cut down on my meals unless I substitute something unusually nourishing. That's why I find a glass of Horlick's for lunch so effective. It's light on calories which might add to my weight--yet is surprisingly sustaining. So it not only keeps me slim and trim, it keeps me feeling at my best, too--even when I have to act for long hours at a stretch."