Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Feb. 14 and thereybouts

Fer Travelin' . . . Between Snowstorms

Fer Bizness . . . A good month all thru

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Hit depends on you



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Tu Capricornus You air witty an' fond of jokes.
2 We Aquarius Fokes borned today will all make good execytives.
3 Th Aquarius Yore generosity is sich it gits ter be a vice 'stead of a virtue.
4 Fr Pisces Good health an prosperity is yours if borned today.
5 Sa Pisces If you like ter travel you will, if you don't you won't.
6 Su Aries You air a good orytor--but don't practise hit at home.
7 Mo Aries Yore only enemy is yoresself--you air too good natured fer yore own good.
8 Tu Aries Fokes borned today should studdy hard ter be a success.
9 We Aries This is Lum's birthday--You will probly be a grate movie star if borned today.
10 Th Aries You air so eager ter help others, you often kinda neglect ter help yoreself.
11 Fr Gemini You have good taste and a hankerin' fer swell clothes and sich.
12 Sa Gemini Fokes borned today like merrymakin', but can be serious too.
13 Su Cancer You are gonna git rich, bt not fer a long time so don't quit workin'.
14 Mo Cancer You air of a romantic turn of mind. Avoid bein' too sussceptible.
15 Tu Leo A day fer great men. You air bound ter be famous if borned today.
16 We Leo You could easy be a actor if you was so minded.
17 Th Virgo Don't get diskiriged ef you ain't succeeding, yore efforts will soon be rewarded.
18 Fr Virgo You like ter read, but could write too if you put yore mind to hit.
19 Sa Libra A good day to be borned if you'll only settle down an' quit dreamin' bout adventure.
20 Su Libra Yore love will always be riturned, so don't be basful.
21 Mo Libra Yore friends all love you, cause you are allways reddy ter help 'em.
22 Tu Scorpio You have sich good taste in clothes and autymobiles you will always be broke.
23 We Scorpio Birthday of Mr. William Horlick, originator of Horlick's Malted Milk. You will probly be a benefactor of the human race.
24 Th Sagittarius Yore wish will come true if you don't git diskiriged too soon.
25 Fr Sagittarius You will live fer a long time an never have no trubles, cept little ones.
26 Sa Sagittarius You have a extry good persynality an could succeed at anything.
27 Su Capricornus You have good friends, do not hesytate to aske fer help if you need it.
28 Mo Capricornus You have probly had a lotta troubles, but everything will come out allright.