Oppytunities of the Month

Fer Courtin' . . . Sattiday Nites

Fer Travelin' . . . Better ter stay home

Fer Bizness . . . Days you ain't slay-ridin'

Fer Havin' Fun . . . Days you air slay-ridin'



Moon Signs

Lum and Abner's own Birthday Predictions

1 Sa Sagittarius Bein' born fust in the year, you have got a head start on other fokes.
2 Su Sagittarius Fokes air fond of you, cause you lissen ter their trubbles stead of tellin yore own.
3 Mo Capricornus You air borned ter boss other fokes--but don't try hit at home.
4 Tu Capricornus You have a deep appreciation of the fine an' bee-ootiful things of life.
5 We Capricornus Yore friends have confidence in you cause you air honest.
6 Th Aquarius You're extry fond of pretty gals if you're a man an' fond of handsum men if you ain't.
7 Fr Aquarius Trials and tribberlations only strenthen yore de-termination ter succeed.
8 Sa Pisces You have a lotta brains, but ain't usin' em all.
9 Su Pisces You air excepshunally fair an honest in yore deealin's with other fokes.
10 Mo Aries One day you will be the head of a big copyration--or a big family.
11 Tu Aries You have a sunny nature, which is a good thing fer January.
12 We Aries You got a lot of adventures comin'.
13 Th Aries If you ain't succseeded yet, try, try agin.
14 Fr Gemini You air born ter be rich, so don't despair--yet.
15 Sa Gemini You have writin' ability--use hit.
16 Su Cancer Spite of your skill in doin' work fer others, you still have a fine initiative of yore own.
17 Mo Cancer You may be pore, but you air honest--an' attrackative ter other fokes, too.
18 Tu Leo You make friends easy, wich is a big ad-vantage.
19 We Leo You would make a good travelin' salesman, if you didn't preffer ter jist travel.
20 Th Virgo You have a unusually good sense of humor.
21 Fr Virgo You will git ahead in spite of innumerible difficulties.
22 Sa Virgo You air travelin in circles--try a straight line fer a change--you will git further.
23 Su Libra I grannies, fokes born today air lucky--you will make a fortune.
24 Mo Libra You have the fakulty of makin other fokes happy.
25 Tu Scorpio You air a unusually good mixer.
26 We Scorpio You have ability--why don't yuh use hit more.
27 Th Scorpio You ir bound ter be a success in anything yuh do.
28 Fr Sagittarius You may never be rich, but you will allways be happy.
29 Sa Sagittarius You air popular wiht the fokes you contack.
30 Su Capricornus You can handles fokes exceptionally well.
31 Mo Capricornus You will be rich someday if you start savin' today.