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Old Testament -- Exodus

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1. The purpose of the Bible is the glory of God and the salvation of man through Jesus Christ our Lord. Genesis connects with the purpose line in that (1) it reaches backward to revelation and makes known the origin of the universe, of man, and of sin; (2) it unfolds the development of the messianic nation; (3) it looks into the future and foretells that coming of promised seed, the Savior-Shiloh.

2. The book of Exodus deals with the birth and organization of the nation through whom the promised Messiah would come. Exodus is a Greek word meaning way out, or departure.

3. The outstanding character in the book is Moses - "for forty years he thought he was somebody; spent forty years learning he was nobody; and then discovered for forty years what God can do with nobody."

4. Redemption is the key word of the book and the theme is redemption through the blood.

5. The key text of the book would probably be Exod 19:4-6, 20:2.


I. Some divisions of Exodus

A brief outline under three heads.

Brief highlights of the book by chapter contents would be:


A. As a whole the story of Exodus may be described as a record of Redemption and consecration of Israel as the Covenant People of God.

B. Every part of Exodus shows God's interest in human affairs. God is interested in human affairs.

C. The abiding value of Exodus is its revelation of the Nature of God. Exod 34:6-7

D. The book of Exodus has a very vital connection with the New Testament in the form of types and anti-types.

1. Israel is pictured as a purchased possession. Exod 15:16
So it the church. Acts 20:28

2. Israel was God's peculiar treasure. Exod 19:5
So is the church. Titus 2:14

3. Israel was a kingdom of priests. Exod 19:6
So is the church. Rev 1:5

4. Israel was a holy nation. Exod 19:6
So is the church. 1Pet 2:9

5. The Passover lamb was typical of Christ our Passover. 1Cor 5:6-7

6. The bondage in, and deliverance from, Egypt is typical of our bondage in sin and deliverance from sin.
7. The tabernacle, outer court, and the furniture were all typical and shadows of what was to come. Heb 10:1ff


1. The entire contents of the book of Exodus are summarized in an excellent way in the word of God to Israel spoken through Moses concerning the making of the covenant. Exod 19:4-6

2. the whole book is built on recognition of a great fact as stated in the preface to the ten commandments. Exod 20:2.



1. Introduction: Exod 10:21-24

2. Rom 15:4 Written for our learning--O.T. a shadow of things to come Col 2:17; Heb 8:5, 10:1.

3. Typology: Pharaoh-Satan; Egypt-Sin; Red Sea-Baptism
Moses-Christ; Canaan-Heaven (Promised land)
1Cor 10:1 --Baptized unto Moses

4. Satan has many devices. 2Cor 2:11; Eph 6:11

5. Compromise


1. Pharaoh Refused: to let Israel go at Moses' first visit Exod 5:1. He made them work harder. Does not want anyone to become a Christian.

2. Pharaoh/Satan: "Sacrifice to your God in the land; "Sacrifice in the land; do not go into Jehovah's land, Mat 6:24; 2Cor 6:17; 1John 2:15

3. Pharaoh/Satan: "Ye may sacrifice to the Lord your God in the wilderness: only ye shall not go very far away." (Exod 8:28), Luke 10:27; Rom 12:1

4. Pharaoh/Satan: "Go not ye that are men and serve the Lord." (Exod 10:11) "If you are determined, go serve Jehovah in the church and go all the way, but leave the women and children behind for me; let me have them."

a. Prov 21:6; Eph 6:1-4
b. 1Sam 2
c. Titus 2:4

5. Pharaoh/Satan: "Go ye, serve the Lord: only let your flocks and your herds be stayed." (Exod 10:24) If you must, go serve Jehovah, but do not take your possessions: leave them with me." 2Cor 9:7, cheerful givers. 1Cor 16:1-2. Acts 11:29, acc. to ability. Eph 4:28

6. When Pharaoh let them go, he changed his mind and went after them, to bring them back. First, bewared of Satan's compromises, Second, bewared he will try to get you back. Gal 5:1; 2Pet 2:20


1. The Israelites were baptized unto Moses, 1Cor 10:1. We are baptized into Christ. Gal 3:27.
2. Don't COMPROMISE with Satan.
3. He will be trying to get your to compromise, by waiting till some other time to respond to the Lord's invitation. Give the Lord your full service, NOW!

-- Windell Gann -- Walking Thru the Bible --

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