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Am I A Pharisee.pdf   This encourages us to take a good look at our self in light of what Jesus had to say about the Pharisees.

 The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus  

         Cornelius - A Case of Conversion - Acts 10

Jesus - A Busy Life  -    We claim to be too busy these days, but look at a day in the life of Jesus.  He was a busy man but look at what He took the time to do.

Conversion of Lydia - Acts 16

Public Enemy #1 - 1Peter 5.pdf

Why I Believe the Bible - WG.pdf  

Why I Know the Bible is the Word of God - 2Tim 3.pdf

Why We Believe In God - Heb 11.pdf

Why You Should Be A Christian.pdf

1Co 13 God's Answer to many Problems.pdf

1Sa 20 Five Minutes After Death - LOST.pdf    (See Sermons Page 1 for "Five Minutes After Death" if you are Saved!

1Sa 20 Four Steps of Death - funeral.pdf   A brief, easy to use, funeral sermon.

1Ti 01 One Thing Everybody Ought to Know - mss.pdf

2Pe 03 Bible and Science.pdf   This is a close stud of 2Peter 3, and two great events that are overlooked by most scientists today.  I hope you will really consider this study, I consider it a very important and timely study of the scriptures.


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