Dangers of modern television:

by Daniel Ridinger

Lesson 1  "Watch that TV"  Part 1
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Lesson 2  "Watch that TV"  Part 2
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Series on Dispensationalism

by Daniel Ridinger

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Lesson 1    An Introduction to Dispensationalism

A look at different millennial views, Facts about Dispensationalism, and the Tenets of Dispensationalism.

Lesson 2    Dispensationalism and the Church

The Church in the Dispensational Scheme;  The Church in God's Scheme; and the Church in Prophecy

 Chart about the Church and the Kingdom

Lesson 3    Dispensationalism and the Rapture

What is the Rapture; What do the Scriptures say about the Rapture?

Handout for Lesson 3  A listening guide with blanks to be filled in.

Dispensational chart  (appropriate to use in studying Lessons 3 through 5).

Lesson 4    Dispensationalism - From the Rapture to the Millennium

Overview of the Dispensational Scenario from the Rapture to the Millennium; What the Bible says about the Dispensatinal Scenario; the Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon.

 Handout for Lesson 4  A listening guide with blanks to be filled in.

Lesson 5    Dispensationalism - From the Millennium to the End

An Overview of the Millennium and what Dispensationalists teach; what the Scriptures say about the Millennium.

Hand out for Lesson 5

Daniel Ridinger is the preacher for the Oliver Church of Christ in Rogersville, Alabama.