INTRO: Watch That Television! (#2) by Daniel Ridinger


A.  This morning’s lesson focused on The Real Dangers of TV. 


B.  We took into consideration several points concerning why watching television might pose a danger for adults & children.  [Promotes Violence; Propagates Profanity; Popularizes Immorality; Perverts Truth; Provokes Passions; Pollutes Our Minds; Possibly Alienates The Family]


            Watch That Television! (#2)  Let us consider:  (I) Redeeming Value Of TV (II) Response Christians  Purpose: To encourage us to be more careful about what we watch on television.       

 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------DISCUSSION:  Let us notice--  





·        I hope you understand that I do not believe that all of the TV programs are bad. There are some fine television programs that can be profitable to us.  TV has some redeeming value.


A.  TV Has Information/Education Value


            1. Television offers all kinds of informative & educational programs to adults & children.


            2.  PBS, the Discovery & History channels offer shows pertaining to nature, history, home repair, car craft & technology.  [One of my favorite shows through the years on PBS has been This Old House, Victory Gardens & The Antiques Road Show.]


            3.  If you like to cook, then you can watch a host of cooking programs eg, Emeril; Julia Child.


            4.  There are programs that pertain to travel, good health, fishing, sale of goods, etc.


            5.  A person can watch one of the major networks for up-to-date world & local news.


            6.  Name it & likely, you can find a show that deals with your hobby or an interest that you might have.


B.  TV Has Entertainment Value


            1.  It is not wrong for a person to relax & engage  occasion-ally in some wholesome entertainment. Entertaining programs help to relieve some of the stress involved in day-to-day living.


            2.  Some television programs are classified as family enter-tainment.

                        a.  game shows (Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy; Price Is Right)

                        b.  movies (Anne Of Green Gables; Sound Of Music)


                        c. sports programs (baseball, AL/Auburn/TN football, basket-ball, car racing, horse racing, ice-skating)


                        d. music shows (classical, country, opera, etc.)


C. TV Has Evangelism Value - Tool Of Evangelism


            1.  Mt.28:18-20


            2.  Television has become a great tool for the spreading of the gospel.

                        a. Locally: Bobby Brown - Know Your Bible;  Preachers in Florence:  Tele-visit. 


                        b.  Also, some congregations air their Sunday morning worship service eg, Mayfair, Huntsville; 9th Ave in Haleyville, AL.


                        c.  Nationally: James Watkins; Mac Lyons - In Search Of The Lord's Way


----Thus, the redeeming value of television.





[Christians should respond to television by--]


A. Common Sense Thinking


            1.  We need to use good common sense regardless of what we do, but especially when is comes to viewing television.


            2. We realize that TV in & of itself is not immoral. Also, watching TV can serve as a family get-together time.  But the contents of many TV programs should be on the Christian’s “black” list.


            3.  Thus, we should judge the worth of the programs we watch in light of Biblical principles.  [Ask some basic questions as you watch a TV program.  For instance: Would Jesus watch this show?  Will it make me more Christlike? Is there any value in watching this program?  Does it arouse my passions?]


            4.  Phil.4:8


B.  Controlling What You View


            1. Q: Who should control the TV in the home?  ANS:  Parents


            2. Primarily, parents are responsible for controlling what they & their children watch in the home. The Pt: If a show is question-able, offensive, turn off the TV.  Parents, don’t be afraid to exert your authority!


            3.  Also, each Christian should have enough mastery of himself to turn off the TV when a programs content is ungodly & immoral.

                        a.  1 Cor.9:25


                        b.  2 Pt.1:6


C.  Contemplating About The Alternatives


            1.  If you & your family are watching too much TV, then look for alternatives - some activities that would be beneficial.


            2.  Instead of watching TV:


                        a.  Read your Bible or another good book.

                        b.  Talk to your spouse & your children.

                        c.  Play games; visit people; work in the yard; do chores around the house; go for a walk; make a quilt, etc.


D. Considering Your Stewardship


            1. God has entrusted us with His possessions. Christians are God’s stewards (Lk.16:1ff). 


            2.  We area accountable to God concerning the use that we make of our possessions, our bodies, our talents & our time.


            3.  Watching TV can be just a big waste of time. This should concern a Christian (Eph.5:15-16).


E. Constructive Evaluation


            1.  Q:  When was the last time that you seriously thought about how much time you spend watching TV OR the content of the  programs that you are watching?


            2.  Constructive/honest evaluation of what you watch might show that you are spending to many hours viewing TV OR the programs that you are watching are not beneficial.


            3.  Hag.1:5


            4.  One writer suggested that one could develop critical viewing skills by videotaping the program that want to watch.  Then you & your family could pause for discussion at appropriate points.[1]


F.  Contraptions  [You might consider buying a TVGuardian (TVG).  This is a device that filters out 90% of the profanity in most TV movies & videos.  This will allow you to watch a program without be inundated with profanity.]


G. Contacting Networks


            1.  Contact the TV network (write or call) when they air an offensive program.  Protest!  Tell them why they should not show such filth.


            2.  Contact the sponsors of the program.  [Eg:  If Ford Motor Co. advertises their products during the commercial segment of an indecent program, then contact them & protest.]


---Thus, the Christian’s response.





1. Watch That Television (I) Redeeming Value Of TV (II) Real Dangers Of TV (III) Response Of Christians


2.  Let us use caution when watching television.



Preached:  Oliver church of Christ, Rogersville, AL (3/9/03, PM)





[1]AFA Journal “Seven steps to sure victory” by Randall Murphree, March 2002 edition, p.2