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Here are some PowerPoint sermons ready to use.  You can easily adapt them to your personal style with the many extra graphics that are usually included with the sermon.  You get a PowerPoint presentation, either a sermon outline or manuscript, sometimes both, and on volume 3 and sometimes on later volumes you also an audio PowerPoint presentation to see and hear how it was originally presented.  Easy to use, easy to adapt.

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A few PowerPoint sermons which can be downloaded can be found on the Sermon page.  Usually my PowerPoint files are rather large for downloading because I use a lot of graphics and embed the fonts so the presentation will look more like I intended it to look. 


     PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 1      (press to see a list of the contents)

     PowerPoint Sermons - Volume  2     (press to see a list of the contents)

     PowerPoint Sermons - Volume  3     (press to see a list of the contents)

     PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 4      (press to see a list of the contents)

     PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 5     (press to see a list of the contents)

    PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 6     (press to see a list of the contents)

    PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 7     (press to see a list of the contents)

    PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 8      (press to see a list of the contents)

    PowerPoint Sermons - Volume 9      (press to see a list of the contents)

      Links to sites offering PowerPoint aids:

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These PowerPoint Sermons are too large and too complex for me to post to our internet site but I would like to share them with you if you are into using this type of presentation.

I will be happy to send these PowerPoint Sermons to you in the mail.  The sermons are free, but I will need to ask you to pay for the size flash-drive you want and extra files will also be included. 

You can email me at windell.gann@gmail.com if you have any questions, or want to check on your order, etc. 

Send your address and a 128GB flash-drive or money for one to:: 

Windell Gann
201 Holden Street
Rogersville, AL  35652

Along with your name and mailing address, please send your email address as well so I may correspond with you if there are any problems.  The flash drive will be sent by US Mail.


These are NOT just "outlines" in PowerPoint format!  They are graphically illustrated sermons.  Many of them are lessons previously presented as "flannel" or cloth chart sermons.  (I made one of these cloth sermons I have converted to PowerPoint more than forty years ago, but it still preaches!)  

Each presentation comes with a sermon outline or manuscript.  Each sermon is in its own directory on the flash drive and most of the time there are also additional graphics that I collected while preparing the sermon but didn't use.  There is ample material for you to rearrange the sermon to fit your personal preferences.

I will be happy to send these PowerPoint Sermons to you in the mail.  The sermons are free, but I will need to send me a flash-drive or about $15 for one.  You can email me if you have any questions.   Anyone using PowerPoint already will easily be able to edit and personalize the PPT slides. If you have any problems I can help you with, email me at windell.gann@gmail.com.



A PowerPoint Viewer can be obtained online.  

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PowerPoint Sermons Volume  9     


            Creation - Evolution - Dinosaurs 
            Cure for Snake Bite 
            Four Strong Anchors
            Jerusalem Church, The - a Model
            Making Marriage Work
            Resolutions For A New Year
            Sins of Disobedience
            Standing Before God
            Wee Little Sinner, A 
            What's In A Name?
            When You Are Not Fairly Treated
            (Fonts To Be Added)


PowerPoint Sermons Volume  8     

            Being Thankful When Prosperous 
            Capital Punishment 
            Finding Great Treasures 
            Greatest Chapter in the Bible, The
            Good Confession, The
            How Great Is Your Faith
            In the Footsteps of Jesus 
            Is It A Sin To Miss Church
            Museum of Your Mind, The
            Prayer - James 5
            Repentance (2)
            What Paul Found at Corinth
  Why Pilate Failed

 PowerPoint Sermons Volume 7

Table of contents:

Five States of Man
Enemies of the Cross 
Inspiration of the Bible       
John 3:16
John the Baptist
Mother's Day (2004)
Nehemiah - Leadership Lesson
Our Christian Heritage
Resurrection and the Life
The ABC's of a Gospel Meeting
What Adam and Eve Looked Like
What Is In Thy Hand
Why Am I A Christian?

Bonus Folder

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PowerPoint Sermons Volume 6   

Here are some of the sermons that are on Volume 6.  It  contains an audio version of some of the presentation as well, along with full content outlines or manuscripts and extra graphics.  It contains a series on the book of Nehemiah as well as a full series of of lessons sheets in booklet format for studying Nehemiah in a class room setting.   The flash drive also contains some basic lessons fundamental to our faith.

            (Nehemiah 1) Riding Horses At Night           
            (Nehemiah 2) Hand Me Another Brick (1)
            (Nehemiah 3) Hand Me Another Brick (2)
            (Nehemiah 4) Nehemiah's Wall Dedication
            Camping Toward Canaan
            Giving Thanks
            Why I Believe In God                
            Why I Believe the Bible
            Why I'm A Member of the Church
            Why Should We Assemble?

            Bonus Folder

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PowerPoint Sermons Volume 5  

Volume 5 contains some lessons that I have given many times.  What I consider especially important are the lessons on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  About all of these lessons also contain and audio presentation as well as the outlines and manuscripts.  This accounts for the smaller number of sermons listed on this flash drive. 

            Aquila and Priscilla                        - 54 meg   
            Bringing In The Sheaves               - 27 meg
            The Church That Jesus Built         -  4 meg
             The Dead Sea Scrolls - Part 1        -121 meg   
            The Dead Sea Scrolls - Part 2        - 151 meg  
            The Gates of Hell                            - 37 meg
            The Day Jesus Stood Still               - 141 meg   
            Divorce in America - Part 2            
                Bonus Folder


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PowerPoint Sermons Volume 4  

    This flash drive now full and ready for shipping. Here are some of the sermons that will be on Volume 4.  It will usually contain an audio version of the presentation as well, along with full content outlines or manuscripts.

            Bible TimeLine of the Old Testament
            Bible TimeLine of the New Testament
            The Christian Race (Part 1)  - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -
            The Christian Race (Part 2)
            David's Army 
            Reverent Worship 
            God Pleasing Revival
            Lessons from A Leper
                Two Bonus Directory of Misc 
                          Sermons and Materials

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PowerPoint Sermons Volume 3   

            The Work of Elders
            New Year 2003
            Divorce in America  (Part 1)  
(to view a few sample frames, click here,  416,768 kb )
            Door to the Sheepfold 
            Ethiopian Treasurer
            Sower and the Soils
            Value of the Soul
            Walking on Water

All this material on one flash drive, each sermon is saved in multiple format along with the outline or manuscript in various formats as well (DOC, WPD, PDF).  Also there are audio versions of the PowerPoint presentations so you may hear how they were originally presented. 

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PowerPoint Sermons Volume 2

            Bonus Material
            God's Word - Our Guide
            Meaning of the Lord's Supper    
   (to view some sample frames click here1,245,184 kb )
            Happy New Year
            Principles for Parenting
         Receiving Christ
            Revelation Studies    
(hyperlinked series of ppt files)
            Sardis -  Church of the Living Dead
            Sower and the Soils   
(Sample 2,419,712;   Sample 1 719,872,  Sample 2  2,260,480 )
            Truth About Temptation
            Turning Tears Into Joy 
            Were You There   (
Sermon on the Crucifixion of Christ )
            Who Is Allah?

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PowerPoint Sermons Volume 1

          Abraham - Genesis 23
            Bonus material
            Chest of Joash          
(A sermon on giving)
            Colossians                (
class study material)
            Death and Heaven
            Divine Truth          
            Sermon on Elders
(class study material)
            God's Word - Our Guide      
(to view or download a sample, 808,960 kb.  Click here)
            (Material created for Heritage Christian University workshop)
            Heartfelt Religion      
(to view a sample, click here,  220,160 kb.)
            How Great Thou Art   
            Lecture Method of Teaching 
            Naaman - It Pays to Obey
            The Owner's Manual

            Reasons to Live Right
            Steps of Success
            Things Worth Repeating

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E-Bible Teacher  offers a good assortment of graphical helps for PowerPoint users.

ePreaching group on Yahoo  

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