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Stories From the Book of Acts


    These YouTube devotionals are usually about  6-8 minutes.


       Acts    “The story of the church (Overview of Acts) 


     Acts 4  Earth Shaking Prayer”


    Acts 7  For What Would You Die?”


    Acts 10  The Ideal Audience”


    Acts 16:13  A Place Where Prayer Was Made”

    Acts 18   “A Marriage on Target”


    Acts 21  \ Disciple of Long Standing”


    Acts 27  Four Strong Anchors”

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Windell Gann’s YouTube PowerPoint sermon channel


YouTube  6-8 minute devotions


Revelation Introduction and Overview



The Stories of Jesus


Luke 2  No Room In The Inn”


Luke 10  Three Philosophies for Life”

Luke 11   “How Much More”


Luke 15  Going Home”


Luke 18  The Day Jesus Stood Still”   6 min.


Luke 23  Who Is Pilate?”

Luke 23  The Man Who Helped Jesus”


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