Everything That I Need To Know,
I Learned From due South

A man without a car is nothing.

A man with no future will always run to his past.

Act naturally.

Always do the right thing.

Always get your man.

Always keep your promises.

Always say "Thank You Kindly"!

Appearances can be deceiving.

Avoid specifics.

Balconies are a good escape route.

Be a poet on the inside.

Best friends are good to have around.

Cliffs are for climbing; that's why God gave us grappling hooks.

Dark closets are a good place to think.

Don't be a sap.

Don't call anyone "darling".

Don't just "sit" there.

Don't loose your boots.

Don't shoot the guy in the hat.

"Duck" means "DUCK!"

Eggs are a good diversion.

Every piece of the puzzle that doesn't fit, just gets you closer to finding the piece of the puzzle which does.

Fear and respect are two different things.

Friends protect each other.

Good wolves are hard to find.

If a ghost offers you his hand, don't take it.

If you can't trust a Mountie, who can you trust?

If you know who you are, you don't need to hide.

If your plane is crashing, try reversing the choke settings.

In life sometimes all we need is that second chance, and it's that second chance that we just don't get.

Insist on a lease.

It only takes a moment to be polite.

It's a big resposibility when people rely on you.

It's always hard to lose a home.

It's easier to believe you're in love than to accept that you're alone.

It's easy to confuse love with subatomic particles bursting in the air.

Just Due It!

Keep your answers short and to the point.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Know your American History.

Learn at least one word in every language.

Learn semaphore.

Let a wolf save your life and they make you pay and pay and pay.

Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide.

Listen, *really listen*, to those who love you.

Maintain the right.

Maintain your posture.

Make the puffin face.

Myth springs from truth.

Never be afraid to ask a stupid question.

Never follow a man over a cliff.

Never hit a kid because it doesn't teach them anything.

Never underestimate the persuasive power of an Inuit story.

Once you learn, you never forget.

Otters can be deadly in the wrong hands.

Pinkeye can be lethal in the north.

Puberty changes people.

Put your trust in the law.

Roofs are great for getting from one place to another.

Squirting someone with a water gun is more humane than hitting them in the nether regions.

Sometimes if you stand still the world comes to you.

Stick up for yourself.

Taste is a very important sense.

The 5/8ths rule is a very handy general guide.

The power of love can be very frightening.

There are 2 things worse than dying: living without honor and dying without reason.

There are 7 ways to tell if a man is lying.

There aren't a lot of high speed chases in Canada.

There is an inherent danger in all police work.

There is a line that some people won't cross over no matter what the consequences.

There is no limit to good etiquette.

There's a wealth of information at your local library.

There's nothing more frustrating than playing hide-n-seek with a deaf wolf.

There's nothing so bad that it can't be forgiven.

What *you* think is the only thing that matters.

When bitten by a rattlesnake, lower your metabolic rate.

When in jail, make friends with the biggest guy.

When you wear a uniform, people respect you.

Wilderness survival depends more on your wits than firepower.

Wise men walk while fools sleep.

With a little perseverance, ingenuity and a fundamental understanding of how to go about it, one can live like a king in the woods.

Wolves form very strong loyalties.

You can start a fire with only a piece of flint and a hunk of granite.

You can't keep horsemen in a cage.

You rarely find honor among thieves.

Your hair is who you are.

Set forth above are some lessons which we can learn from "due South".

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It is our understanding that this file originated by Due South Mailing List listmembers Chris Delong and Felicia Bartlett (TYK!), but suggestions by other DueSers have since been added.

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Some of the quotes were taken from the Due South television program, copyright Alliance Communications. Other quotes were taken from Sarah McLachlan's album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy copyright Arista records and Paul Gross / David Keeley's album Two Houses.

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